Saturday, July 6, 2019

Elsewhere pt. II

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Dubai, a city known for its glamorous appeal, also has other sides to it, one of them being the traditional one. The old part of the city, with buildings significantly lacking the height of modern Dubai, takes you through a time tunnel straight to the origins of this glorious city. A fun fact about Dubai is that people first made their money by diving for pearls, a very successful business held until artificial pearls were developed in Japan. Later on, with the discovery of oil, the development phase started taking off and the rest is history.

The at the Arabian Tea House

It is a very pleasant environment, and the older parts of the city offer the opportunity to purchase art, as well as have traditional tea and snacks while enjoying air condition in the heat. The Arabian Tea House, although it fooled us at first, offered an interior garden and lots of tea options, successfully bringing in tourists as well as locals.

Following the street behind it, one approaches the Souk, from water taxis, to scarfs, it is both, a mix of different cultures (80% of the population, after all, is made up of expats), traditions and various food flavors. It is also where the childhood home of the Sheikh can be found.

 Older parts of city of Dubai

Burj al Arab at night

Those who know me, are also aware of the fact that I am attracted to light shows like a moth, so what better place to be at, than the Burj al Arab. After spending the first few nights around the Burj Khalifa, it was time to visit the original gem of Dubai. There are numerous bars and restaurants ideal for a romantic night out with your partner and what's more, the perfect setting for an evening stroll. 

Refreshing juices and nonalcoholic beverages are everywhere, but for those of you craving fruitful cocktails or a champagne glass to celebrate an important occasion, Sunken Gardens by the Ritz is worth a visit. The bar has to offer also shishas with flavors that will amaze you, and a warm a friendly service to round up your night.

Miracle Garden Dubai

Most people don't agree that this place is worth visiting, but if you ask me it is fun getting lost in a flower bed. The Dubai Miracle Garden is located a bit outside and demands a longer taxi ride, but once you get there it is worth it. From airplanes to gigantic installations  and teddy bears, colorful flowers can be found in all shapes and sizes. The only drawback is the entrance fee, for tastes a bit overpriced. However snacking opportunities within it are numerous and affordable when compared to some other attractions in Dubai. In the case that a taxi is too expensive for you, make sure to buy the rechargeable bus ticket before arriving there, as there are no vendors for the ticket itself in the park, but a recharging exists as an option.

A city full of life and fast lanes, Dubai offers us also a relaxed escape and introduces cultures in a modern light. What the city will hold out for us next we will find out with time, as tourism is increasingly establishing itself as the main income source of this pearl. As for my travel diaries, I can only hope that you enjoy my blabbing and that it will also guide you for your future travel to Dubai!

See you soon, 'cuz this adventure still needs to reach its end...



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