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We have all heard about the sand, the oil and the richness of the culture as well as its people, what many of us have not, is seen the beauty up close and explored it together with our dearest travel partners. Dubai, the mesmerizing city build on sand and oil. A tourist attraction and the Mecca of new grads that want to build up savings was the crowning jewel of my travels so far.

Having the opportunity to spend a week in this modern city proved to be a blessing, with its large never-ending boulevards and countless tourist attractions, it proved itself a true metropolis, one that demands many days of visiting. The original architectural marks, mixed with replicas of famous buildings from all around the world caught my attention instantaneously (my favorite being the Big Ben look-a-like across the street from our hotel). 

Getting around the city was quite easy, whether it is the surface metro, with designated coaches ranging from only for women to gold class, or the affordable taxi fares/Ubers, you will always be able to get around and reach different parts of the city fast. My personal tip: avoid taxis during rush hour times, as those tend to cause traffic congestion in certain parts of the city, especially around the mall of the Emirates. 

Breakfast with a side of Burj Khalifa...

Numerous tours of the Burj can be booked online! We chose the offer from Get Your Guide, as the price/package ratio fit us best and one could choose between night and morning tours. For us, the sunrise tour enabled us to take pictures of the early morning sun, as well as the beautiful landscape it created when it hit the skyscrapers. Although many skyscrapers have already been built, the boom is not seizing. Many developments are being built currently and the remaining flat pieces of land are being transformed into luxurious properties. 

View from the Burj Khalifa 

Another interesting aspect about Dubai is the love for shopping malls, as girls, we all feel attracted to them, sometimes you just can't say no to a peek into one of the high-end boutiques or the newest Zara collection. Well, dear ladies, beware, the mall is not just shopping in the UAE, it is a place to hang out, do sports and well, in the case of the Mall of the Emirates, go skiing if that is something you are looking for. My personal favorite, however, is still the Dubai Mall, located right next to the World's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. The up-close view of the fountain interplay is just magical and from the terrace of L'eto, you can enjoy a delicious meal while recording the water play! The mall also houses the aquarium, of which parts are also visible without having to pay the large entrance price. For those of you who are, like me, book worms, I recommend a detour to the Book Store Kinokuniya, located near the entrance from the metro. 

Found Darth Vader in the Mall

The water play changes and is specifically designed to fit the songs it accompanies

The other note-worthy destination on your list should be the Dubai Marina. Surrounded by skyscrapers, this dock is not just a center for yachts and millionaires, it is also ideal for strolls, sports activities, and dinner dates. For those of you who prefer more of a sea view, Jumeirah is the location to be, with numerous lounge and sunbathing spots, it is the dream come true of every traveler yearning for a beautiful seaside destination.

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