Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Korean style and beauty... Agita's favorites

It is the culture, the tradition, and not to forget the style clashes that make a journey unforgettable for someone. Visiting Korea (although I was/am still a true Japan fan at heart) has opened a new self-care phase for me. As I was wandering the streets, breathing in the air and enjoying their traditional food options, I also took some time to reflect and collect valuable life and beauty lessons along the way.

If you have also thought of Korea as only a tech-savvy country (Hi Samsung, you know I loved your stores!), you should maybe start rethinking it right now. After all, it is a fashion enthusiast and beauty haven. Their brands range from chic street style to modern minimalism, offer options for the modern ladies and the provocative babes. The make up is smudge-proof, while the skin care for before and after almost eliminates the need for the first. Their approach to self-care and eye for detail inspired me to take better care of myself and invest more time into pamper nights, even brought out new routines. So before I get lost in translation and can't stop the praise, let me share a few of the key style and product pieces I picked up for myself, who knows maybe you will appreciate them too...

1.  Face masks...

I hope I am not the only one who found sheet face masks kinda creepy!? During my little shopping trips in Seoul I have discovered their popularity, and after trying them it has only further confirmed it. Whether it is the multivitamin one (my favorite), manuka honey or tea tree, you cannot go wrong. They nourish, leave the skin glowing or help with excess sebum. There are so many brands to choose from, Klavuu and Innisfree being my favorite ones for now! If you are like me, you often forget to take proper care, leave your make up on or just study deep into the night, depriving yourself from the needed rest. My solution to this is a bonus combo, try taking a skin break from studying, those masks refresh you in just 15-20 minutes, the same time amount your brain needs to relax and be fully focused on studying again!

2. Cushion foundations...

Remember watching those classic movies, do ladies with their little powder cushions ring a bell for you? Well, they are back in trend and not just that, the cushion carries your foundation this time... It comes with a mirror and even refills are included in most cases. They are easy to blend, offer different levels of coverage and can easily be stored in your bag (simply put, you won't need to carry potion-like bottles with yourself anymore). The brands I would personally recommend you would definitely be Sulwhasoo and Missha! There are pricier and more affordable options to choose from, the easiest way to buy these brands is through sites like SokoGlam or Peach&Lily (they do offer amazing discounts after all, not to forget brands that you might thaught were out of your reach!)

3. Lip tints are the secret...

We all have those people around us, whether co-workers, fellow students or even neighbors. They take forever to get ready, sometimes comment on your lack of make up and never satisfy with just doing the basics. Time to listen up and re-evaluate your choices, because often what it just needs is nourished lips! Lip balms, tints, liquid rouges and many more options have caught my eye. Choosing the right color can make it or break it! Instead of opting for perfect lining and complete coverage try just doing a subtle touch up by dabbing the color from center outwards on your lips...

Brands: Aura, Collistar, Labello, Rimmel London, Chanel, Clinique

4. Hello sneakers...

Skirts, jeans, trousers, elegant, work-wear, what not and all of it with sneakers? You're thinking now, did you hit your head Agita? I didn't, in the right color, chunky or subtle, you can make that bold combination work. The trend could be seen often throughout the city, eventually resulting in my purchase of a very special pair of sneakers, the Nike dad shoes...

5. Tailored jackets...

On a daily basis I opt for jeans and a T-Shirt, especially since I spend most of my days at university studying and sitting at lectures for hours... During my stay I have cracked the code, finally, I figured out how they elevate their day wear and it involves one simple thing, a tailored blazer/jacket. There were many resembling the all so familiar teacher blazers from those 90's cult movies we adore. I chose this one from Naning9, it was on sale, with a price tag of $20 a real bargain, and so far has really proved its quality and warmth level!

Thank you so much for reading the blog post! I hope you have had a wonderful past month and I am looking forward to the next few posts I still have to share with you guys! Lots of love!



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