Sunday, February 17, 2019

Discovering Asia pt. 3

Since I've already made you play the guessing game with me, I thought it was time to just enjoy some of the pictures that for some reason I still haven't shared with you. It's time to let you a bit more into my travel diary, the private one I mean... This post doesn't have a specific purpose, just a tiny catching up and more details on what I did and saw...

After approximately 8 hours of travel... But Finnair was a really amazing airline, many snacks, and beverages included, the dinner and breakfast, were really good, although it was my first time eating Korean-style food, I didn't have the fear, it looked delicious and tasted even better!

Exploring on my own, on the way to the 10 Corso Como!

Got cold, bought a jacket, put on the jacket, found 10 Corso Como, who doesn't like a bit of Milan abroad? In case you have not experienced it yet, I have linked their website, so that you can know what I am so excited about!
Jacket by Naning9

Most likely the best picture of the whole trip! 11 am, when I understood that no shop was opened, cafes were the only thing working, I turned to photography to kill time!

Hotel for the second time... Again in Mapo. It does not break the budget and it is conveniently placed right above a metro station, so instead of going out, waiting for the red light to cross and facing the cold weather at that time, just take the elevator down!

Particularly cold, but trying to stay cool (the puns just flow out of me, no way of stopping them). I kept myself warm in my favorite purchase, my Millstudio sweater.

Most likely the biggest Samsung store I will ever see again...
Insider tip: In the area of Gangnam (where this picture was also take at) there is not just a Dior store, there is also the accompanying CAFE to go with it. Now, if you are me you find out about this three days after you have already returned, but just because I was blind doesn't mean I cannot save you from the same faith.

Got my nails done at the number one destination of K-Pop stars, Nailtam2na, although a bit more expensive, is worth it, you were able to see these nails intact and going strong for the next 4 weeks after that on my Instagram maybe, they did not even chip in the end, you could just peel it easily off your nail without damaging it. Check their Instagram page out right here and see for yourself!


All rights reserved by @aleks.tomasevic. All the photos were taken with my IPhone 7 Plus, my most trustworthy companion!


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