Thursday, February 28, 2019

My Dior Highlights...

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Empowerment instead of tearing down, helping instead of neglecting, take a moment let the deep thoughts sink in and remember fashion can also transfer valuable messages! 

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I would feel like a detective on a mission!

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Biggest crave! 

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My dream outfit for the future, boss lady much?

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A modern day grunge with the class...

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The best use of denim I have so far seen, and who doesn't wear it honestly?

                                         via Vogue
As you know so far I keep an close eye on my school work, but an even closer one on fashion! Since Paris Fashion Week has started with a bang I thought it was about time to honor one of the houses that made me, the tomboy discover that it is okay to dress like a modern day classic beauty... Thank You very much for that Dior

Showcasing strong, yet subtle messages across your wardrobe (we should be a strong sisterhood),Dior married classic cuts with modernity and proved us once again that a T-Shirt with the right accessories can make you go from plain-Jane to style heroine in a second. Not only am I craving those over sized belts, the jumpsuit that resembles the ones used in commando squads has done the rest... Like at Max Mara, the Vinyl trend made its way also in here and honestly, the more the merrier,keep them coming dear designers! (dying for the coats in picture 2)

What's your highlight? I ranted long enough and just want to wish you a joyful Thursday, mine is all about the afternoon, with lessons and a bit of free time for long walks!


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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Max Mara at Uni?

When studying in Italy you are used to seeing crowded streets, people with gelatos in their hands going to class, not to mention the amount of mad max bicycle riders, but what you wouldn't really expect is to, on a regular Thursday while on the way to a study session, witness Bella Hadid, Irina Shayk and Kaia Gerber strutting down the Max Mara show in your university building...(of course all the influencers and Paparazzi were there too..)

Me and my friend were curious, excited to see what the new season hold and had the top spots next to the big glass structure that covers the show space. Sitting on the name of Max Mara (literally as you shall see in the pictures following it), guests were slowly arriving and finding their assigned seating...

The coats, the cuts, the bags and not to forget the vinyl over-knee boots will for sure become our best friends during the season. Next to the signature nude tones we know Max Mara best for, pinches of color made their way into the collection and left a lasting impression on me. (apparently it will be good embracing your favorite shades and weirdness, so why not accept it subito? Hey, after all, Max Mara approved it)

I managed to take a few good shots, so, what do you think, do they do the clothes justice?


Sunday, February 17, 2019

Discovering Asia pt. 3

Since I've already made you play the guessing game with me, I thought it was time to just enjoy some of the pictures that for some reason I still haven't shared with you. It's time to let you a bit more into my travel diary, the private one I mean... This post doesn't have a specific purpose, just a tiny catching up and more details on what I did and saw...

After approximately 8 hours of travel... But Finnair was a really amazing airline, many snacks, and beverages included, the dinner and breakfast, were really good, although it was my first time eating Korean-style food, I didn't have the fear, it looked delicious and tasted even better!

Exploring on my own, on the way to the 10 Corso Como!

Got cold, bought a jacket, put on the jacket, found 10 Corso Como, who doesn't like a bit of Milan abroad? In case you have not experienced it yet, I have linked their website, so that you can know what I am so excited about!
Jacket by Naning9

Most likely the best picture of the whole trip! 11 am, when I understood that no shop was opened, cafes were the only thing working, I turned to photography to kill time!

Hotel for the second time... Again in Mapo. It does not break the budget and it is conveniently placed right above a metro station, so instead of going out, waiting for the red light to cross and facing the cold weather at that time, just take the elevator down!

Particularly cold, but trying to stay cool (the puns just flow out of me, no way of stopping them). I kept myself warm in my favorite purchase, my Millstudio sweater.

Most likely the biggest Samsung store I will ever see again...
Insider tip: In the area of Gangnam (where this picture was also take at) there is not just a Dior store, there is also the accompanying CAFE to go with it. Now, if you are me you find out about this three days after you have already returned, but just because I was blind doesn't mean I cannot save you from the same faith.

Got my nails done at the number one destination of K-Pop stars, Nailtam2na, although a bit more expensive, is worth it, you were able to see these nails intact and going strong for the next 4 weeks after that on my Instagram maybe, they did not even chip in the end, you could just peel it easily off your nail without damaging it. Check their Instagram page out right here and see for yourself!


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Friday, February 15, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day my dear readers, as I know that not all of us celebrate actively, I decided to fulfill your day after it with important messages to keep in mind! Although relationships can bring a lot of joy to our lives, enhance them and inspire us to do better, the one that is always there, never leaves us, you can't even break off, is the one you have with yourself.

You remember the exam results I was waiting for, well, they came and one went well while the other posed a striking question to me: How do I turn it into a success? 

The combination of fury, fear and uncertainty brought about something useful in the end, I finally understood that in order for success to come to your lane, you have to let go of fear and invest into listening, appreciating and valuing yourself. I decided to not be bothered, decided to just do more, be more and face challenges with an open mind now. For sure, it will take a bit of time, but it will all fall into place.

As for my Valentine's, it was spent with my Valentine and it made me really happy....

That is why I have gathered some of my favorite mantras (of course the nicely drawn editions of them since mine would have been awful) and am sharing them with you, maybe it looks ridiculous at first, but in the end, even in the most stubborn heads, something gets stuck...

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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Reads of the moment...

A month has passed and although we always doubt (particularly me) our resolutions, keeping up with the reading materials has been quite easy for me! Apparently all it really takes is finding the right genres, relaxing background music and my Garfield pajamas.

I turned it into my mantra to set aside 2 hours a day (at least) for my reads of the moment, not to mention at least putting on the pile two books to go through, while ordering already the next ones I covet. It must be the newly found discipline and calmness after exams that has brought me to even getting extra reading time into my days. When it comes to the choice of topics, it has started to shift, the love for science books remains, but love for fantasies and comedies is coming strong into this month, as well as the movie and TV series recommendations to accompany them!

Of course the first book to discuss has to be Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan, after watching the movie (you should if you already didn't) I just had to read also the book it's based on. I was intrigued (I always am) by the details a book let's you take in that the movie doesn't capture, and I have to say both are a match made in heaven. It is fun, it is loud, it is clever and surprises with the dynamic chapters. A perfect match for weekends and tea... Not to forget, the boldness of Astrid portrayed in the book is something many girls aspire to, not to mention, could learn from, but to fully undrstand what I mean, you would have to read it of course...

''It begins with absence and desire.
It begins with blood and fear.''
It begins with Aleksandra's discovery of witches...

The second one, well you guessed it, a Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness. After hearing many words of praise from my friends it started off as a casual date night, just me, popcorn and the first season of it, turns out, the book is even more addictive and spilling a lot more magical secrets! Since I read fast and dive thoroughly into a book until it's finished, I was through it and soaked in the details pretty fast, but luckily, the second part of the trilogy is already on its way! (a gift that keeps on giving, isn't it?) You might start judging at this point, saying that a love story and floppy twist aren't your thing, but on the contrary, this book incorporated a lot of history, events and intertwined details that convinced even me, a well-known skeptic, it is an epic adventure worth the time!

Also, let me just leave the trailer, just in case you get curious... It is a Sky original production and in he case you didn't come across them now, their series are pretty amazingly produced!

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Video source: Youtube (Sky One channel)

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Life updates & more....

The month of January, a month intended to let you ease into the new year (or at least it should), is usually the most stressful period a student can have, you either have exams scheduled in advance for January, like me, or you are dealing with the leftovers of the past year. Either way, it's more like university books than romantic novels. In my opinion 2 passed quite well, the results already out, the other two, well hopefully they did too. For me, my classes  start soon and it is time to catch up on the things you've missed out, so we're starting off with New Year's Eve.

My holidays, of course, spent far far away from Milanese streets and excitement, back home where all the wonders were already awaiting me... It was all the food, all the laughter and all the love of my dog you would expect it to be. Being really old now, he can barely manage to walk around, but remains a sophisticated companion, keeping the whole family busy whilst commanding from his lounge chair.

The traditions, fireworks, 5 kg piece of meat prepared traditionally in a wood oven and of course the complementary traditional dishes didn't just bring a smile to my face this year, but also to the person I hold dear to my heart.

I decided to finally make a bold step, instead of locking myself in the house like almost every year, I went out, not just anywhere; a boat + the Danube was what I opted for. It was a beautiful night and something to recommend anyone who is looking for the great adventure in Belgrade!

The boat, although playing out pop music, was filled with a surprising amount of tourists, and although my photos aren't really the best, I think they show how much fun I had quite accurately!


Photo credit: All rights reserved by @aleks.tomasevic
Pictured at Splav Kopernnikus (Belgrade, Serbia)