Sunday, January 6, 2019

Discovering Asia pt. 2

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It is officially time for continuous assessment number two, let me show you some of the coolest places I have seen so far, welcome to yet another edition of taking Asia...

Every girl dreams about getting enormous amounts of flowers, once we get them, we wish they could last forever, luckily I discovered ones that do. Mixed with the scene of a museum (that coincidentally has also a shopping center attached to it, which btw most buildings somehow seem to have), there was a field of LED roses you couldn't take your eyes off. Although the weather tends to hit the minus during this time of the year, especially at night, it was all worth it. You can tell, just by the happy sparkle I developed in my eyes.

Asia, continent of magical things, and even more creative approaches to creating the most dream-like cafe sets. This time, it was about trains, cheesecakes and of course, the obligatory coffee you deserve after you spend the day uncovering the secrets of the city. 

Friends did warn me that it is tech heaven, but the Samsung center proved it to be even grander than originally expected. Haven't you always dreamed about being able to test the newest technological advancements hands-on? I fulfilled my childhood dream as soon as the lovely lady at the entrance put the sensor bracelet around my wrist. From getting to know your creative and character strengths to Pig Ride (you read right!), the VR game you can play right at the ground floor of the center, there is something for everyone. 

Immediately after Samsung, I fell for Art Box. The supplies and stationery store you don't want to leave. From house decoration, cleaning supplies, the cutest travel accessories, to the best prices ever encountered for stationery, it has everything and even more to it! As you can see I found myself a spirit animal, this little shark here, and even bought the little notebook with him on the cover! 

Cold weather, but looking at least a bit cute and put together, my famous sweater and shirt combo. This is me post-breakfast/brunch. Maybe you are wondering about the spatula, but don't worry, Japanese breakfast is also something for you, and easily found throughout the city!

A glimpse into my daily craziness at its best, this is all for today's travel insights, but before I go, let me leave you another conclusive tip:

@ Is The Birthplace Of Samsung......

XO Aleks

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