Monday, December 24, 2018

Nights out and about

Another day, another year coming closer (bye, bye 2018). My last day in Milan of this year was exactly the 13th of December, and for almost two weeks now I have been enjoying downtime back home with the family and friends! After three months of not being back, my room sure does look bigger, my bed is even more comfortable and the Serbian snacks made my heart melt. When it comes to the one thing I missed most, the 50 kg Labrador sitting at the front door of my house, apparently the sentiment is mutual. 

This year has so far been the most adventurous one, more than 40 flights, more continents, and even more diverse cultures to discover. It has brought me a lot of memories, love and laughter, not to forget, lots of different food options. You remember the little bucket list I said I made when 2017 came to an end, well, 70% came true, and what hasn't happened yet will just push me to be better in 2019. It will be the year I move to yet another country, embark on another educational quest called masters and get one step closer to figuring out where I will want to live for a longer period of my life. 

Reminiscing about the important events of this year I made a small, yet big in meaning list about the happenings  that have further pushed me forward and brought joy into my daily routine. One of them was the time my best friend finally visited me in Milan. She, also a student abroad (just with a sea view, #Greece) took a couple of days and spent my exam-free days in shopping, laughter and well, over-the-top movie nights (pizza delivery included).

I wish you all a merry Christmas, as you know mine is on the 7th of January, but I do celebrate with my friends today as well.  

Outfit: Jacket: Naning9; Sweater: Zaful; Jeans: Stradivarius; Shoes: Nike; Bag: Maje;
Photo credits: All rights reserved by @aleks.tomasevic.
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