Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Discovering Asia pt. 1

Before I start with the little quiz down there, let us take a look at some of the places I got to experience:

Welcome to Lotte World Halloween edition

Classical tourist experiences, apparently apparel & accessories of a boy band can be this popular. 

And yes, there was this little fella right there in the...

...The Raccoon cafe 

At Lotte World, Halloween, not so scary after all?

It was on a dull morning in September, rain pouring down, wind blowing heavily and yours truly exiting her apartment to go catch a plane... The question you all want to hear the answer to is of course where did I go, but instead of killing you with blunt details I will map you my way through Asia in pictures.

Instead of taking the direct Alitalia flights, I chose to fly as they call the Nordic route with Finnair, and not only did it result in great comfort, a lot of snack and drink options on board, but also in additional points that will soon be used for something special (anyone sensing another travel here or is it just me?).

After what seemed to be only 8 horror movies long of a flight, I finally got to experience it myself. Wild colors, lots of food options for every pocket size, an extremely nice hotel and the revelation that there pre-payment makes your life easier later at check-out. It's best to summarize my experiences through the little list I made on my way there, the list of questions I wanted to find the answer to, so let us turn this into a quiz, do you know which country I'm talking about?

1) Is everyone really dressed like in those TV shows?

And the answer soon came to me 20 minutes after landing, all around me polished women, wearing ballerinas, leather flats or nicely decorated shoes that matched the colors of their elaborate coats. Hair nicely styled, small cross-body bag across and she was ready to go.

2)Is BBQ there as good as the legend says?

After discovering one of the best  places in town (coming at you in pt. 2), I discovered it is not just a limited offer of one sort of meat, no there is a wide variety of partner menus and even larger ones to choose from, the grill is right there, the sides are included and on my hunt for a truly local experience I have tried their favorite alcoholic drink, not such a bad idea after all.

3) Is metro a trend?

It definitely was for me, given the complicated situation with taxis, I would not suggest you to even waste time on trying to get one, just invest in a T-money card, and hop into a metro line of your choice. Low fairs and great comfort, but do make sure to scan it every time you enter or exit the metro. It doesn't shake you like the Milanese one, but it does take time to get from one part of the city to the other, so plan your time accordingly.

4) How tall is a tall building?

Let me tell you, although some would now suggest I mostly couldn't see anything because of smog or other disrupting factors, it was in fact a clear night when I went up the radio tower (and there was also a restaurant to enjoy on top). Taking a walk along the tall buildings of both financial and telecommunication districts made me feel so liberated and calm that I can not even express my gratitude for those moments enough.

5) Is there fruit?

There is, but a limited amount. When you find it it is pre-packed, not to forget it could be a gamble with its taste. So be sure to pack those Vitamine Cs, Bs, and Ds, to keep up your actual daily amount for the time being there.

Can you guess now where I've been to? What I've been doing cuz more is to come, part II is already on its way.


Photo credits: All rights reserved by @aleks.tomasevic

Monday, November 5, 2018

Prints and more

Have you been around Instagram lately? Did you see all those wild animals running around the pictures of influencers? Pardon me, it turns out it is the influencers themselves that have dived into  colorful (jungle like) attire. The animal print trend has taken us by storm, either your boots, dress or handbag carry it. Seemingly enough to leave a lasting appearance!

On my journey through Asia I have discovered certain style aspects I would like to incorporate into my daily outfit choices. One of them is the effortless chic of mixing and matching prints whilst keeping the colors still within the same palette. Although the mission impossible theme music is about to start playing as a side effect of my word choice, it is after all possible to achieve. I found it fun to play around and even made bold purchases while there!

A few nights ago, one of the rare occasions we took to go to movies (A star is born btw: you should. Just saying in case you had any doubts left) and enjoy a few cocktails was exactly when I decided to try out my newest purchases, straight to you from Asia, now available in Milan, Aleksandra in the natural habitat. Turning a cold night into something fun and less depressing than the rain and ponds coriginated by it.

Outfit: Bag & Shoes - Zara; Jacket - Naning9; Dress - Hotping

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Photo credits: All rights reserved by @alex.tomasevic, Milan, Italy