Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Starting MFW...

This jumpsuit really fast became my biggest obsession!

Very simple, yet sophisticated looks are something I am trying to learn (yep, still in that phase), but for now it is starting to look better and better, what do you think?

My favorite week of the month September came and went by so fast, yep you heard it here first, I am talking about Fashion Week of course!

This year, even bigger, even brighter was the light of the Elena Savo show! Again, my dear favorite designer has graced me with the honor to cover front row for her and to inspect every piece of her new creative output (I did so for you guys, thoroughly). What came as an additional bonus this year is the chance to meet a lot of new designers through the show!

From night gowns, worthy of princesses, capsule collections that exploded in Sex & The City Vibes, as well as colorful combos, bright, just enough, to bright up everyone's mood in the room (not to outshine you), everything was there, at the Palazzo Bocconi garden.

I on the other hand went in there almost incognito, a simple, Parisian inspired styling that was completed with the presence of my new vintage white-wash denim jacket, my favorite Pollini moccasins. Here, here ya have them, the photos you asked for, the insights you longed for, more is yet to come, after all, Dior is awaiting us soon for a private presentation of the newest collection.

I on the other hand am using the time in between for a quick road trip, that is, another continent trip XD.

Stay tuned, because this, this, you really couldn't have seen coming!

XO Aleks

Styling: sweater - Zara; Shorts - Babaton; Shoes - Pollini; Jacket - Vintage
All rights reserved @aleks.tomasevic
Location: Milan, Italy


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