Monday, August 20, 2018

Bucharest Calling!

Welcome to Romania!

I didn't lie about the chandeliers... 

A very relaxed Aleksandra...

Linea closer to the Moon

Linea closer to the Moon - a nice place, for a even nicer evening

Another trip of mine I am very proud of! Even tho it was end of exam season, with only a few left (a few stressful ones that is), I managed to sneak in a bit of quality time with a person I hold dear, for exactly two days we left Italy behind us and escaped to the land of Dracula's, beer, and well, a Serbian border on one side XD... By now you might know which country I'm referring to, but of course the caption already gave it away!

Although, the overall impressions might be somewhat different from a town worth a visit, it did have it's charms and there are things worth seeing. The parliament is a building you cannot miss (and I mean literally), it is one gigantic building, with even grander chandeliers in it, not to mention that you should definitely take a picture from the balcony, you actually get to feel like a victor. The streets are almost endless, so especially in the heat it was intense to walk around. Luckily, my dear friends recommended a few places worth visiting, and they indeed did not disappoint. Linea closer to the Moon, a bar/restaurant, partly self-service (the food part that is) is an ideal location to spend an evening! Now, you might wanna go on google and see for yourself the beauty that is SARMALE, and then when you come there, straight to Restaurant hanul berarilor (casa soare) to get the best one out there!

When it comes to hotels, I shall dare to say the Marriott was fine, but beware and don't accept advance-payment requests for mini bars in your room (in our case, that was even before we had seen it)! Internet might also not be included in your room bill, so be sure to double-check that as well! Now, when it comes to people, although at times a bit difficult to approach, you will most likely experience good service (not to mention good food!)

What;'s  left to say is that in less than two weeks, I will be live broadcasting again from my seconda casa, yep, and you might just also get a glimpse of my new apartment there, it actually makes me already so excited, that I will finally experience the perks of having your own place!

I wish you all the best moments of an ending summer, and may your new work period start with only successes!


My looks in the pictures: Zara ; Pull & Bear
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  1. I hadn’t considered a visit to Bucharest before, but now I may have to add it to the list!

  2. Many friends have visited Bucharest recently and they all loved it! I should definitely consider adding it to my bucket list :) Thanks for sharing!