Saturday, August 25, 2018

Being Aleks

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 Closing Coke Summership

Is also about facing realities. Somehow, I often trust in the not so visible force that is cosmic karma, you know, give and receive, believe; achieve and all the other sentences so often quoted by gurus, wannabes and well even sugar babes (this example really does exist in nature). It actually gave a lesson back to me two weeks ago, a glimpse into people & the work environment we all want to be Constantine the Great in...

This was my summer, I claimed it for myself, spent endless numbers of flights, but I finally had it, my big opportunity to work in a multinational company (and it indeed was hard work). I do believe it was a class I had to attend, in today's world, where finding a job, beating the competition and working on oneself are climbing new peaks and putting us in front of even greater challenges, it sure helps to clear the myths and question the reality that surrounds us.

So I decided it was a good time to reflect on the lessons I've learned. Rejections, senza feedback or even not accepted, but please try next year, welcome to the four wisdom you will most likely need while on the hunt for a job/experience in the real world...

I It doesn't always go smooth...Was the exact sentence I thought of when I got rejection letters (a tone of them), at first very shocked, sometimes even sad. You know how easily I got attached to an idea, it made it 10x harder, because for some of the offers, I could truly see myself working there. Others were due to the Passport I possess, and the climax of it all, due to reasons that will forever be unknown, (which brings us to another point)...

II It is better to stay in the dark when it comes to certain things (and you most likely will, without your consent at first...)... Curiosity, a trait of us people, what killed the cat, however you may want to call it, for me: A BIG BLESSING. Although having a clear analysis of what went wrong before your eyes is a helpful factor for self-improvement, what really turned out to be a good practice for me was introspection. You might say now: There is no way I know all the answers. When actually you were consciously ignoring them, seeing them, but not reacting.  Stay positive, think, but don't overthink, just give yourself the manager talk you deserve!

III You can broaden your search (it doesn't bite back!)... I used to say, there was one work environment I can see myself working in. Two years later, I see that what is in one, translates into other areas easily. Values, tasks, teams and deadlines, exist in various sectors, but what makes it special is that through today's hectic work environment your position collaborates, explores and mixes & matches. Cross-functionality is the key, so I say, go for it, or the offer that sounds fun to you, mine did to me, and it brought a lot of joy throughout the whole experience!

IV Prepare yourself( and I don't just mean your CV document XD)... It is maybe the biggest conclusion I've come to so far, but impressions matter (and I don't mean just clothes). What I am trying to point at is the way you express your opinions. Writing a CV, cover letter, or filling in a questionnaire online is just the first step. In interviews, there is no right or wrong, there is you, your opinions, values, critical thinking and work ethic. Be open, don't brag and do practice, ask your friends about their experiences and opinions, it helps, it will bring you into your comfort zone way faster!

I worked in Coca Cola HBC, learned about new things, useful in everyday job activities and well, got to take on responsibility, lead (smaller projects), got to collaborate, but not all are fortunate enough to get such a grand chance and mentor. I hope that cosmic witch will help you just like it did me! What is left to say is, do whatever is in your power, that you should push forward, question & think max. 2 steps ahead. Be it just an internship or a fixed position, attack it full force! Now, have a lovely weekend my dears and don't forget to leave your thoughts in the comments below or to address them via mail @!


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