Saturday, June 23, 2018

L'Oreal Pro Night Out

Recently I refreshed my hair color, but not in the old blonde ways I usually do, instead with subtle gold and pink tones. L'Oreal was to thank for! It was truly a hair fashion night and also the promotion of the newest temporary color options L'Oreal Pro has developed. The colors are, I can already tell, gonna be used for a wide variety of festival styles (there are so pigmented and vibrant even when they dry out), and there is no need to worry, since they disappear after one washing!

I decided to stay true to myself and the hairdresser did the rest, we opted for a boxer vibe, two big braids, easily done within minutes, with finishing touches in gold and pink. Grant parrucchieri is one of the most trustworthy hair salons I have seen in Milan so far (they also style Veronica Ferraro, whom I'm a very huge fan of), the atmosphere was amazing, it wasn't just a hair appointment, it was a party! With good food, cocktails, and even better hairstyles what could actually go wrong? (Nothing of course...)

(me, well, just being myself XD)

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Outfit in the post: Shirt - Vintage; Shorts - Bought in a cute little boutique in Greece; Shoes  - Converse;

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