Monday, June 18, 2018

Frankfurt Calling

(in love with my shirt)

Frankfurt, what pops up in your mind as I mention this is most likely the European Central Bank, a picture of a finance center in general, and well, this weekend you could have caught me there as well!

After more than three years, it was time for me (and my German skills) to once again revisit the city and enjoy its flair and river side. I almost had forgotten how at home I actually feel in Germany. Fun fact is, German is my second mother tongue. After absorbing and listening to kid's TV shows for half a year on their channels, I randomly started speaking it at age 2 (and haven't stopped since).

Brunches are my favorite thing in the world, especially if there is also a buffet section (yes, why yes, I do live for the hotel all inclusive lifestyle). My search in Frankfurt resulted in a wonderful one at Cron am Hafen! The offer includes a coffee or tea and lots of sweet and salty things to choose from!

I love that the city is so active, everyone is either on their bicycles or going for a run. For me long walks next to the river side are essential, also the bridges are ideal for picture taking, the weather served me well and I finally put on some shorts, as well as my new shirt from Esprit that I recently purchased, and later when I get hungry... let me ask you, do you know What's beef?

I also just found out, a diner style venue with heavenly burgers, the menu offers a wide variety (and even sweet potato fries as side options). I chose a very extravagant one as the picture might tell. What really makes this restaurant special is actually the shakes they offer, I discovered the amazing pictures on Instagram and really craved one, but keep in mind it takes longer for them to be made. Another big bonus is that one can watch soccer while eating there!

Dear Frankfurt, thank you for keeping me busy this weekend, and I hope to see you soon! Now, I am back in Milan, slowly packing up my stuff and preparing for yet another move! 

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Outfit in the post: Shirt - Esprit ; Shorts - bought in Greece in a super small store :D; Slippers - Zara

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