Monday, June 25, 2018

Agita's sustainable fashion corner

Being more aware of your surrounding, treating it properly and not losing your sense of style while doing all that? Indeed, it is possible, and all trends point us toward what is known as sustainable fashion. New tech innovations, materials and imitations that almost look real have made it possible.

I myself like to embrace it, from some of my Eco-leather look-a-like jackets, to bags that could even trick a pros eyes, I'll be showing you today some of my favorite brands to shop, as well as a special something on bloglovin that you should really check out!

A year ago I discovered this brand called Matt & Nat, their simple, yet powerful motto (Live beautifully) seems to perfectly fit with mine, I am kind of craving every single one of their handbags. (even their backpacks are made beautifully, and can even be found on Asos!)

Now, imagine you want an outdoor adventure (I myself am very fond of running and spending time outdoors), I think the best companion is Patagonia! Now this one, it was even brought up several times during my courses at uni, in case you forgot, I am a student of management, so of course they were mentioned as a very successful company. Their outdoor jackets (that come with special types of insurances), are according to me possibly the best ones out there, and not to mention that in my free time there is always a Patagonia T-Shirt I wear (mm, hello, not to forget the hoodies)

I know you've seen this brand around so much (I mean Instagram trending much) and you might didn't know it, but it is a sustainable one too. Of course, I'm talking about Reformation! Their cloths will bring out the Italian goddess in you within seconds, and since by now everyone knows my biggest obsession is with jumpsuits I made a small selection of the ones I covet, one short, one long, you choose!

All rights remain to their respectful owners. Photo sources: via Reformation, via Patagonia, via Matt&Nat

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