Wednesday, June 6, 2018


While preparing for exams there is nothing more relaxing to me than being able to just hop on my bicycle and take myself out for the thing I crave most once a day: COFFEE... You know me, I am usually the tea advocate in this corner, but sometimes you just have your Gilmore Girls moments, where you have to have a latte macchiato or a cappuccino (we've all been there, and also watching the Gilmore Girls reboot wasn't maybe the smartest idea XD).

Being in Italy makes things thus far more easier, I mean helloooo, coffee is a religion here, and I decided to join in on the servings. In these two years of studying here the only thing I am not joining in is the drinking coffee while standing (if you are like me from the Balkans, hour long coffee time is kind of the norm you grow up with, am not really planning on changing that). 

What else do we need? Well, a good read to join in on the fun. My new goal for this year was to read one or two books a week, and I did manage to keep my promise. As I got older, as the school obligations accelerated the time for reading more kind of minimized itself, but it is a healthy way for the brain to reset itself and just have a little break. My coffee table includes mostly classics, some modern day literature and other bits and pieces.

The personal favorites of the moment are Demian by Hermann Hesse, The Picture of Dorian Gray, followed by some business and development books like Lean in by Sheryl Sandberg, what I find particularly interesting is actually books about the development and structures of languages and cognitive functions of the brain, since an early age I have been kind of obsessed with these topics, even today I like to research even more on them, that is, when my time allows to do so. I have to say Thinking Fast and Slow (one of my most recent reads) has definitely been a book I couldn't put down and it came in handy during all of my airport time.

I do think we spend so much time on the internet (mysteriously we always find time for that), that it can only be considered fair to drop that phone of yours and indulge in a bit of printed work. For me, one of the best sites is Bookdepository, from school books to fiction, fantasy, arts, cooking and self-development they provided me with all I needed with just one klick. Here in Italy it is hard to find books in English, and when you do, well, the Italian already put a grand price to it as well! The site was kind of my knight in shinning armor! I have also left you the links to my favorite books of the moment in case you happen to like those topics too! I have one more exam to go, so wish me luck and stay tuned for the newest adventures on the blog!


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