Monday, April 16, 2018


So often (once a day), one particular friend of mine and I sit down and have a tea. That and a cheesecake muffin accompany spontaneous rants, idea and pep talks unlike any others offered on TED. After that the only conclusion we can reach is...let's go somewhere.

A mimosa, a martini, or wine later, we have found another dream spot to hang out in.
The Yard, actually a hotel (what a surprise to find me in one of those) is hiding in it the Doping club, a secret membership option and for all us regular humans drinks can be arranged too. We went without any reservation and ended up having 4 couches just to ourselves up until the end of our stay (those actions sometimes do go the opposite way considering we are talking about Milan here).

My personal favorites are thus far definitely Madame D, and for after Zumbrowka (as you might have guessed it has vodka in it). For me even cocktails with vodka aren't that bad, but I do admit they aren't for everyone. I also do suggest to eat up before going anywhere, this place, although it offers food isn't really my go-to for the preparation, I would suggest you visit one of those old-school Italian places, usually normal prices and REGULAR SIZE PORTIONS!!!

For photos this place definitely has it's charm, it is filled up with different items, all representing fun activities or evoking memories of travel and those 50's business men with their Cuban cigars. I myself developed this strange fascinations for cigars and the first day after all exams are done I always go and buy myself one, sit on the terrace and just relax.

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The Yard

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