Saturday, April 7, 2018


Being Aleks, asking questions.

Time goes by so fast! It seems, like just yesterday I had started my Uni career, and the feeling some of my colleagues are in a constant fear of missing out, not being in the lead and not having done something is still very strong. TIME FOR A PAUSE, at least according to my latest research. Since there are now so many books out about taking time to detox from media, its influence and the latest trends, I'd say, I think you should maybe reconsider your priorities (a friendly suggestion from the hidden resting bitch face in me), even when it comes to affecting the joy of us others while studying.

Yes, you! I'm talking to you, you that is trying to prove yourself to others, lashes out with information and life advice that in this age category cannot be adequately explored by you. When enrolling, I thought to myself: it's something I decided, I want to do this for myself, and am going to make myself proud. What I didn't expect was the concentration of curiosity and discrepancy between what people want to know about you, and the thing they tell you about themselves. It is drastic, and sometimes horrific, because if you let loose or let other peoples words affect you, you may be trapped in what I like to call the stranger danger effect. Letting their words and their insecurities sink into you, while they only look and protect what they work for...

Living 1000 km away from my home, it is kind of hard getting the thick skin out, but it also let's you see that sometimes not everything that shines is gold. It is written in the fine print, at the end of the page, the real thoughts, feelings and motives of why people sometimes act unkind. It is not something I think one should not react to (although in my age, I think it just bursts out sometimes), it is something we learn to avoid, not by shutting ourselves completely off, but by knowing our values, listening carefully and developing that inner radar that is so often needed.

For me it was a long road, a bumpy one, but after almost 2 years, I think I have found my tune, my way of taking time to work on my goals, studying hard, without being interrupted and not letting anyone's comments affect the way I feel, express myself and do things, because, (and yes, I;m ending it in the true being Aleks manner)would they do the same?

The answer so often is simply a sad no....

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