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Me tired before the taxi came to pick me up for the airport

A heaven for cocktails... (Bronnum)

Boarding our Ryanair flight

It hides a lot of good places for food and beer!

Frederik's Church

Aleks happiness in between bicycles

A wonderful coffee spot in their theater!

Welcome to behind the scenes...

The guards at the palace

The little Mermaid

And ofc, nowhere without my signature pose...

Don't you just love the thrill of a good spontaneous travel? My friends and I embrace it (regularly too!). My often so casual Wednesday turned into a Danish treat and I fell in love with it!

Booking the Ryanair was easy, airport-to-city transport a blast (just hop on the metro and after approx. 6-7 stations you're there)

After carefully reviewing lots of Instagram pages, travel sites and written guides, the decisions on what to see were still unclear (there was so much, and we had so little time, but we refused to say no to even a thing). Instead, wise as we were, the Copenhagen criteria for this travel were established:

A random direction will lead the way! And so it was. The botanical garden (definitely climb up the stairs in the glass building, up into the palm trees you go), military base, royal palace, Frederik's church, library (with a neat cafe in it, not to mention the hard-working students), a castle or the ever so mesmerizing Little Mermaid (definitely the hot spot for tourists and worth the waiting for a photo) amazed us with their beauty. What's more, everyone is on their bicycles ready for action. Personally I was looking forward to renting one myself, but sadly not all of us could do it. There are lots of options, from rental shops, to the bike stations (you might also know these from Milan), but unlike in Italy, here no one is looking to steal one, but almost everyone has one (blonde approved XD). But what I admire most is the respect people have for their surroundings, ecologically friendly, low carbon emission, fresh salty air is guaranteed!

Another thing I found very interesting is that, apparently Denmark really is the country for me. Everyone loves their brunch! No kidding but for the most part of the day in all those nicely rounded up cafes (each with a soul of its own, but still they all work together for the perfect Instagram picture) everybody seemed to be getting their brunch on..

The museums are the dream of every art lover, sadly for us the time limit did prevent us from doing even more things, but we nailed it anyways! When you enter them, make sure to check out the information tablets, as they also provide a guide to what is free to visit on which days and what hours! And if your trip is blessed with good weather like ours was, you should definitely take a moment sit on the grass and just soak up the sun (I even got a bit of a sunburn XD).

When it comes to food: pastries, pastries and even more pastries are the motto to live by. With so many cute places there I think you should just pick out the one you like most by yourself! For me the Vogue guide definitely didn't lie and Lagkagehuset  (exists in multiple locations throughout the city) is a pearl, let's face it we all crave a danish cookie sometimes! We also tried their famous hot dogs and we loved it! Now, for some solid food, I gotta admit, the burgers in Milan really aren't the best, so at first I was scared to try some there,but they turned out amazing, and what better atmosphere to eat them in than a gas station, Gasoline grill is the food highlight you are asking for!

The prices are something you should think about beforehand, they are higher than Milan for example, because of the higher standards of living there. Coffee can cost around 5 euros, and brunches from 15-30 euros. The metro tickets there are valid for 90 minutes, just like in Milan, but cost 5 euros, you should buy yourself one straight at the station when taking the metro, since it is valid immediately from the moment of purchase, but what is convenient is that you don't need to additionally validate them anymore, just hop on, and explore!

It has captured my heart, spending my time on travel is essential, I hope you get the chance to discover Copenhagen the way I did (and that you will hopefully have even more time to do so). I wish you a happy 1st of May, lots of love & travels!


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  1. christania’s “bike rental” bikes are rolling across the city. The system, less than a year old, is funded by christania’s municipal government. It is currently only in one of christania’s 22 administrative districts. Although a 2nd generation system, there are 12 “Houses” in this district, each with around 40 bikes. The yearly subscription cost is the equivalent of $2 US, and allows the use of a bike for up to four hours at a time. In less than a year, there have been 6,000 subscriptions sold. There are larger 3rd generation systems in the world, which do not have a subscription to bike ratio as big as that.