Wednesday, March 7, 2018


 I am sitting here thinking of right reasons, but I think that actually my work speaks more for me, than I could ever type in such a blog post.

Recently, I discovered the opportunity to apply for an ambassador position at a conference in Montenegro, after encouraging words from my friends, I did decide to give it a try. My work is my passion. It started out as a hobby, but soon, the positive feedback and community sense it developed kept me going, inspired me and I started aiming for more and searching actively ways to improve my photography and my writing skills (but not losing that sense of humor you, my readers so often enjoy XD).

With more work, came even more satisfaction, a proud feeling in my stomach about what the blog has so far been able to accomplish. I am so grateful for the two seasons of Fashion Week, the designer interviews (one of my childhood dreams), the presentations and events (also not to forget the brilliant food there) I got to experience through it, but it also taught me a wise lesson: persistence and belief get you half-way there, the other part, well that you get through continuously working on yourself. (also the reason I believe conferences are important)

So...hmmm, why in the end me?

I believe in keeping an open mind, seeking out better ways to do things and challenging oneself, and so do others.Why not give cooperation a chance then, and exchange the experiences at hand with others working in the same field! My journey is documented in my blog, and I think it should be the main reason I get the chance to be an ambassador.

Also, I believe that you fellow beginner-level bloggers should seek out such opportunities! But for those of you that cannot afford it, I suggest starting maybe with simple steps like Facebook blogger groups and advice articles! website:

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