Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Interviews with Elena Savo

I have waited a long time for this to happen (and not just because my voice is so deep in the video XD). I often see content on YouTube that has me cringing, half truths or advice that I do not think is always appropriate (especially for younger audiences), and that was the last thing I wanted to achieve with mine. It was during MFW that I came up with one particular idea, and I am really lucky that in my first video I get to interview a designer I very much adore, Elena Savo! Immediately when I asked she said YES!

So today instead of just dropping off my famous rhymes and jokes at this address I will leave you the first ever video of Agitatrix @YouTube together with the link to the channel so that you can subscribe if you want to! I sincerely hope you will like it! Now hop hop, go judge and do leave some of your advice.


YouTube channel: Aleksandra Tomasevic

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