Thursday, March 1, 2018


Wow, has this year started off at a fast pace, first waves of exams-check; fashion week-check, now it's time to evaluate my impressions on what I have seen from the designers. 

A few days ago I have had the honor to receive the official press kit of Trussardi, so I thought to myself why not take a moment, analyze and highlight what we so far liked (or didn't), and also give impressions on upcoming trends the designers sprinkled us with.

After only a glimpse at it, I can promise you one thing: Trussardi did find a compromise between femininity and comfort, a balance between urban and classic. I prefer clothes that don't have to be tight on the body, yet well-cut and flattering on, even tho more slouchy (I know it might be a shock that I am contradicting the stereotypes of the region I grew up in XD)

One of my favorite pieces from this collection is definitely the a bit over-sized sweater with accentuated large pockets on it. Additionally, I do think it is a great stunt to instead of bringing yourself to the mountains, you take them actually with you, either on your new bag or on your jacket!

When it comes to the men's wear, I unfortunately do need to take a step back, although the designs are less radical then some failed attempts at revolutionizing men style, I would have to say that it is still to much for my taste, but the T-Shirts are definitely an investment to consider!

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