Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Interviews with Elena Savo

I have waited a long time for this to happen (and not just because my voice is so deep in the video XD). I often see content on YouTube that has me cringing, half truths or advice that I do not think is always appropriate (especially for younger audiences), and that was the last thing I wanted to achieve with mine. It was during MFW that I came up with one particular idea, and I am really lucky that in my first video I get to interview a designer I very much adore, Elena Savo! Immediately when I asked she said YES!

So today instead of just dropping off my famous rhymes and jokes at this address I will leave you the first ever video of Agitatrix @YouTube together with the link to the channel so that you can subscribe if you want to! I sincerely hope you will like it! Now hop hop, go judge and do leave some of your advice.


YouTube channel: Aleksandra Tomasevic

Sunday, March 18, 2018


We all know those ones in a lifetime struggles, where should I go look for it, what shape fits me, do they have my favorite color and (the queen of questions) do they have my size. Often what brings us to the verge of desperation is not even that, but the moment you finally seem to like something AND discover the price that you would like to see arrive in your bank accounts, rather than leaving it.

That is why this week I partnered up with Promshop Australia to supply you with the latest fashion, from Ball Gown Wedding Dresses  to Mini Flower Girl Dresses they covered all.

For me the most interesting part are the evening gowns, be it short, midi or long (my personal eye-catchers the red section), you can pick your style from a wide variety, making you feel really like a princess. In Serbia one of the main problems when dress shopping (often even making problems when it comes to the biggest day in a girl's life: the wedding day) are the unreal priced offers most boutiques make for not so creative designs. For this, Promshop represents a great alternative. Be it a classical white wedding dress, or a more modern one, a ready for the beach vibe their models reach wide.  

Another fantastic thing is that you are not limited when it comes to sizing. They are easily customized while putting your desired object in the cart (the fee is proportionally small). What you should calculate in is that you don't just have the shipping time as wait time, be smart, order in advance, because there is also some tailoring left to be done.

Currently discounts have reached an all-time low! And we all know what that means: Shop till you (or your credit card) drop. In case that your prom night is going down in a few months, you should pay it a visit, who knows maybe they have just what you envisioned, but for half the price.

I hope you are all having a nice weekend, as for me, I will be reconnecting shortly, wish me luck, because my exams won't be easy on me!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018


 I am sitting here thinking of right reasons, but I think that actually my work speaks more for me, than I could ever type in such a blog post.

Recently, I discovered the opportunity to apply for an ambassador position at a conference in Montenegro, after encouraging words from my friends, I did decide to give it a try. My work is my passion. It started out as a hobby, but soon, the positive feedback and community sense it developed kept me going, inspired me and I started aiming for more and searching actively ways to improve my photography and my writing skills (but not losing that sense of humor you, my readers so often enjoy XD).

With more work, came even more satisfaction, a proud feeling in my stomach about what the blog has so far been able to accomplish. I am so grateful for the two seasons of Fashion Week, the designer interviews (one of my childhood dreams), the presentations and events (also not to forget the brilliant food there) I got to experience through it, but it also taught me a wise lesson: persistence and belief get you half-way there, the other part, well that you get through continuously working on yourself. (also the reason I believe conferences are important)

So...hmmm, why in the end me?

I believe in keeping an open mind, seeking out better ways to do things and challenging oneself, and so do others.Why not give cooperation a chance then, and exchange the experiences at hand with others working in the same field! My journey is documented in my blog, and I think it should be the main reason I get the chance to be an ambassador.

Also, I believe that you fellow beginner-level bloggers should seek out such opportunities! But for those of you that cannot afford it, I suggest starting maybe with simple steps like Facebook blogger groups and advice articles! website:


Not being valued! What brings us to this week's rant is definitely a personal experience of mine. Laughing, having fun, going out, but saying what you think? OH, HELL NO!

The more time I spend with certain people, the more I see this pattern repeat itself, and I don't think I am the only one to notice. The ones that speak the truth out, stand their ground and defend their opinions... But apparently don't get listened to, yet still every word is recorded. The ones not really "fitting in"...or whatever it is someone might call it. They actually often end up lost in the net of so called fake friends nowadays...

When going out, instead of having fun, you're having to listen to dramatic moments, crop them out of pictures, because they do not want to start gossips, rumors, or god forbid that someone finds out they went out with you and your friends. But, one question will always remain, why are you hiding instead of enjoying your time? See, that was what started bothering me, those controlling moments of so called confident individuals, they were sitting there hiding, judging and commenting as soon as someone would leave the table. Do I really have to engage in that? Definitely not. Am I going to hide because of that? Not even in my wildest dreams would I consider doing that...

For me it was hard to understand, something I always say will never be really familiar to me, because I always get in trouble for speaking out, criticizing and being opinionated (How many of us are these things anyways today?), although they do the same, just in an unfriendly manner. That actually brought me to today's rant, a rant about how you could (if you're like me) easily get lost in all these diversions, fake shinny moments and things that attract your attention just enough for you to actually start speaking your truth.

A truth that gets used to hurt you or even better twisted into something not pure anymore. I do believe in respecting your privacy, and the more I listen to others, the more I noticed they do the same (I was just a bit late in on the trend). It is simple moments, gestures, and abrupt reactions to whenever you would say something, that in the end you would just be left feeling bad. So I decided to test it: How would I feel if I left them out?


So that is why I am writing this today, because although times are tough, you might be far away from your family or having other issues, you don't have to darken your mood even more with those friendly enemy types of people. You don't need to understand them, tolerate them, you just need to be able to let them go. In a book (The life-changing magic of not giving a fuck), I learned that not even noticing is one key advantage, a skill that is acquired through time and practice, that gives you that edge, in the end, it is like this, you will have your moments, happiness and new projects, while they will just be out of topics...

See for yourself:
The life-changing magic of not giving a fuck

Thursday, March 1, 2018


Wow, has this year started off at a fast pace, first waves of exams-check; fashion week-check, now it's time to evaluate my impressions on what I have seen from the designers. 

A few days ago I have had the honor to receive the official press kit of Trussardi, so I thought to myself why not take a moment, analyze and highlight what we so far liked (or didn't), and also give impressions on upcoming trends the designers sprinkled us with.

After only a glimpse at it, I can promise you one thing: Trussardi did find a compromise between femininity and comfort, a balance between urban and classic. I prefer clothes that don't have to be tight on the body, yet well-cut and flattering on, even tho more slouchy (I know it might be a shock that I am contradicting the stereotypes of the region I grew up in XD)

One of my favorite pieces from this collection is definitely the a bit over-sized sweater with accentuated large pockets on it. Additionally, I do think it is a great stunt to instead of bringing yourself to the mountains, you take them actually with you, either on your new bag or on your jacket!

When it comes to the men's wear, I unfortunately do need to take a step back, although the designs are less radical then some failed attempts at revolutionizing men style, I would have to say that it is still to much for my taste, but the T-Shirts are definitely an investment to consider!