Tuesday, February 27, 2018

D&G for everyone

                               (Focus on the small Karlito bag in the corner) 



(Yes, you can come dressed relaxed! I do it all the time)

You travel, you search for something new every time, but often you find it hard to discover does dream places we all crave, and stalk on the big insta profiles!

Being able to live in Milan for the second year now, I’ve had to see many people asking for advice when it comes to locations and people that haven’t even seen parts of the city they live in. To make your trip to Milan easier, let me take you to one of the spots I occupy so often: The D&G Martini bar. (it really makes the dolce experience open to all)

The food...hmm, don’t get to excited, some things are a win, some get a pass, my personal suggestion: either the lasagna or the meat menu (not a day passes by without quality meat with me XD) 

For photos it is a must, and also the aperitivo is a great tip, since it is not over-priced. Whether outside or inside, you will for sure have fun during one of those live DJ sets they host during aperitivo time!

Also, now you know where to find me during afternoon Balkan coffee hours ;)

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