Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Cocktails and fashion W/ Elena Savó


(Thank You unknown lady, I apologize for the blogger-picture-taking escapades)

Another year, another fashion week for the blog! 
Flowy structures, masculinity done in a feminine way, comfortable shoes and cocktails, it was all I was expecting from Elena as a designer ( and even more).

A brand that actually has made me fall in love with their wide jeans and innovative cuts ( I have my eyes set for a pair of the reversed ones). And we all know my biggest guilty pleasure: BAGS. Well, guess what folks, she makes does too, and they are a match for every outfit,  having a very classical shape, but with modern twists. 

I know that especially today we are bombarded with tones of big labels, we se them, we want them, even crave them, but my opinion stays the same: watch out for those up-and-coming brands, that provide you with chic fashion done in a modern way. The ones that are currently expanding and evolving through every season.

Thank You again for letting me into your design world and thoughts! It was truly and honor, and you, yes you reading this right now, beware, as a small fashion week gift, an exclusive interview with the designer will be available on the Agitatrix Youtube Channel as of tonight! 


Dress: Pinko

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