Wednesday, February 7, 2018


Well what would life be without short trips?

- A lot less interesting!

University life has finally started again, and oh boy, at what a pace, so I used the few days before it wisely: make a list of cities, list them according to your personal preference & compare with travel buddy. Now that resulted in a pretty good outcome: 2 magical days in Athens.

Being Serbian and going to Greece makes me always feel like I'm going home, it might be because the two countries are close, or just the warm and welcoming greeting you get from the people there.

The hotel was a great deal and it being only 10 minutes away from the Acropolis made it almost impossible to say no to! The room we got resulted from an unplanned upgrade I received while checking us in (definitely a trick to remember always ask if you can be upgraded, especially if you are travelling somewhere out-of-season). The room view was really something that left an impression!

Another important thing to remember is that Greece is a country with amazing and healthy cuisine, so be sure to try out and enjoy the taste of souvlaki and gyros to the fullest (essential for all you first-time travelers out there). No over-the-top places necessary for obtaining the best taste, be adventures, go around the corner, and get yourself one (or two)!

The museum next to the Acropolis is definitely something worth a visit, apparently art classes did pay off for me, most of the things there I still remembered by name, and don't forget, in Greece you can bargain, so calculate that in for your next shopping spree there (one of Serbia's national sports)! You can securely get lost in one of the many side-streets while searching for the best  angle of the Acropolis (the pictures are just here to prove the point)

Now, my dear readers, I have to say a big thank you! The views, feedback and comments on the posts make my writing flow almost effortlessly. The resolutions I promised to fulfill this year are being followed and you can rest assure, more is yet to come in this month of February!

Even I have spontaneous ZEN moments (this one I call: In touch with nature) 

Not every picture turns out perfect during the first few attempts XD 

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