Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Dream Bags w/ Michele Chiocciolini

Milan Fashion week is officially over, but that is not a reason to stop posting about the new designers I discovered this season.

I have recently been invited to an event of Michele Chiocciolini, with whom you might not be familiar yet, but you sure will want to look up after you read this and see the pictures.

His store, not too big, yet not too small is located in Brera, and it hides some of the most creative bags I have ever seen (maybe it was just because I miss Rex and love dogs in general), but I am also obsessed with the huge amount of compartments and the soft, quality leather used. 

The first thing that caught my eye was the small dog amblem, the second the taxi clutch, the designer took his drawings and creativity, and brought it to life, something that is a really hard task to be accomplished!

Now what’s left to be said is just, give your heart away and pay the store a visit the next time you are around!











Tuesday, February 27, 2018

D&G for everyone

                               (Focus on the small Karlito bag in the corner) 



(Yes, you can come dressed relaxed! I do it all the time)

You travel, you search for something new every time, but often you find it hard to discover does dream places we all crave, and stalk on the big insta profiles!

Being able to live in Milan for the second year now, I’ve had to see many people asking for advice when it comes to locations and people that haven’t even seen parts of the city they live in. To make your trip to Milan easier, let me take you to one of the spots I occupy so often: The D&G Martini bar. (it really makes the dolce experience open to all)

The food...hmm, don’t get to excited, some things are a win, some get a pass, my personal suggestion: either the lasagna or the meat menu (not a day passes by without quality meat with me XD) 

For photos it is a must, and also the aperitivo is a great tip, since it is not over-priced. Whether outside or inside, you will for sure have fun during one of those live DJ sets they host during aperitivo time!

Also, now you know where to find me during afternoon Balkan coffee hours ;)

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Cocktails and fashion W/ Elena Savó


(Thank You unknown lady, I apologize for the blogger-picture-taking escapades)

Another year, another fashion week for the blog! 
Flowy structures, masculinity done in a feminine way, comfortable shoes and cocktails, it was all I was expecting from Elena as a designer ( and even more).

A brand that actually has made me fall in love with their wide jeans and innovative cuts ( I have my eyes set for a pair of the reversed ones). And we all know my biggest guilty pleasure: BAGS. Well, guess what folks, she makes does too, and they are a match for every outfit,  having a very classical shape, but with modern twists. 

I know that especially today we are bombarded with tones of big labels, we se them, we want them, even crave them, but my opinion stays the same: watch out for those up-and-coming brands, that provide you with chic fashion done in a modern way. The ones that are currently expanding and evolving through every season.

Thank You again for letting me into your design world and thoughts! It was truly and honor, and you, yes you reading this right now, beware, as a small fashion week gift, an exclusive interview with the designer will be available on the Agitatrix Youtube Channel as of tonight! 


Dress: Pinko

Monday, February 12, 2018


Yet another weekend well spent, and a good location for you to visit when in Milan! Bar Luce was designed by Wes Anderson and oh boy what a sight it is, now add that it is 5 minutes away from my house and in the Prada Foundation, and there ya have yourselves a winner. Almost as if time had stopped in that glorious period where, milkshakes, candy cones and pale pink were all over the place.

Instead of going for your regular coffee and brioche combo, you should definitely try out the cake that matches the interior. What after? Well, get yourself a ticket for one of the exhibitions, an awesome way to fill up a almost empty weekend if you ask me!

Photo credits: All rights reserved by @aleks.tomasevic
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Sunday, February 11, 2018


Mixing and matching is one of my favorite activities. I am still very obsessed with my alpaca coat, but added the color it was missing to it. A definite must would for me be this small Furla bag I recently purchased, together with my Maje one it is one of the all time favorites, fits all, but isn't a drag!

Coat: Vintage
Jeans and sweater: Zara
Bag: Furla
Shoes: Deichmann 

Wednesday, February 7, 2018


Well what would life be without short trips?

- A lot less interesting!

University life has finally started again, and oh boy, at what a pace, so I used the few days before it wisely: make a list of cities, list them according to your personal preference & compare with travel buddy. Now that resulted in a pretty good outcome: 2 magical days in Athens.

Being Serbian and going to Greece makes me always feel like I'm going home, it might be because the two countries are close, or just the warm and welcoming greeting you get from the people there.

The hotel was a great deal and it being only 10 minutes away from the Acropolis made it almost impossible to say no to! The room we got resulted from an unplanned upgrade I received while checking us in (definitely a trick to remember always ask if you can be upgraded, especially if you are travelling somewhere out-of-season). The room view was really something that left an impression!

Another important thing to remember is that Greece is a country with amazing and healthy cuisine, so be sure to try out and enjoy the taste of souvlaki and gyros to the fullest (essential for all you first-time travelers out there). No over-the-top places necessary for obtaining the best taste, be adventures, go around the corner, and get yourself one (or two)!

The museum next to the Acropolis is definitely something worth a visit, apparently art classes did pay off for me, most of the things there I still remembered by name, and don't forget, in Greece you can bargain, so calculate that in for your next shopping spree there (one of Serbia's national sports)! You can securely get lost in one of the many side-streets while searching for the best  angle of the Acropolis (the pictures are just here to prove the point)

Now, my dear readers, I have to say a big thank you! The views, feedback and comments on the posts make my writing flow almost effortlessly. The resolutions I promised to fulfill this year are being followed and you can rest assure, more is yet to come in this month of February!

Even I have spontaneous ZEN moments (this one I call: In touch with nature) 

Not every picture turns out perfect during the first few attempts XD