Tuesday, January 9, 2018


Recently exam period has started and we all know what that entails: the only outdoors I see is the park leading to the university and the inside of my dear Esselunga supermarket. To embrace this small afternoon pause from studying, I started looking at pictures that I actually never turned into  blog posts.

It was in November that after a three months of not seeing my family, finally my mom came to visit me. The best way to spend your days, at least according to my philosophy is in a museum. For us the destination was Novecento, that wowed with its modern art. (also a great place to take a picture with the up-close Duomo in the background)

And where to go for the relaxing coffee afterwards you may ask? Illy cafe is just the place I would recommend. Located in Montenapoleone, it offfers:
a) great location
b) the best coffee
c) both
(you may find the answer sheet down below)

Answer key: c is correct (obviously)

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