Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year!!

It is the time to rest and reflect surrounded by our dearest, to think about the moves we made, the accomplishments we achieved and mistakes all so small, that they now make us laugh. Dear 2017, You have been very good to me.

It made me happy, sad, refreshed, sleepless (Thank You, my dear exams) and realize that leaving the comfortable path we all so enjoy taking is a decision that should be made and thought about. I got stronger, more focused, developed a vision. Creativity, writing, and reading are my best friends. Relationships have strengthened, some have vanished, but the lessons they taught remain.

Here's an even more marvelous, an even brighter year ahead of us. Here's to new experiences, pushing boundaries and using potential in the right way, a way that fulfills your dream. To exploring creativity, taking on challenges and the responsibilities that life brings with it. To believing in yourself, and staying optimistic.

I wish you all good health, happiness, lots of joy, and laughter, because, a Serbian wisdom says: The rest will follow up.

Lots of love,

(welcome into my festive living room)

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