Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Christmas In Paris

(no wonder it is copyright protected)

(the most exquisite window displays as far as one's eye can see, I think the Fendi one was my favorite tho)

(The Parisian Opera)

(At the Galeries Lafayette)

(the practical side to picking out a great hotel, Moulin Rouge just 5 minutes away!)

(The Louvre is a place I enjoy coming back to, art is something that gets me motivated and inspired)

The first time I was there, a rather traumatizing time, oh, I can still remember the smell of the bus that almost caught fire.

But not even that prevents me from always coming back to my old flame, Paris.

Luckily, in the past few years, my trips have leveled their way up, and this year I packed my bags and spent Christmas there. Four days, 2 Aleksandra's and lots of fun.

Pure sightseeing isn't really a thing we do. From the Louvre to the Galeries Lafayette, back to the Arc de Triomphe and en route to the Louis Vuitton Foundation, we have visited most of it (it would be a disgrace to say all of it) in a short time frame.

My pictures are here to show you my view of Paris, a mini city tour through my lens. Although the daily digest on expensive cameras never stops to surprise me, I believe I have to be thankful for the existence of Nikon Coolpix, it brings across both, the message and joy I felt taking these pictures. (and is affordable)

If you're wondering what season to visit it in, or how many days one needs to stay to see all these things, I would suggest you start with a three day travel and make a good plan, because to be honest with you, I have been there many times,and I feel there are things I haven't visited yet(the perks of having a reason to return)...Now, when it comes to the best time for booking it, it would have to be either around Christmas or in Spring. 

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P.S. Copyright for the Eiffel installment at night apparently remains by the EU, so I will hereby declare: All rights remain to their respective owners. 

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