Friday, January 26, 2018


Last weekend I took a break from the whereabouts of Belgrade, jumped on a plane and visited a city I always enjoy... Vienna.

Speaking the language makes a lot of things easier (the other Serbians living there even more so XD). Although it was a short trip, I did manage to scout out some places worth visiting for you guys! Now, enjoy the pictures and discover the locations in their descriptions, happy traveling to you all!!

At the cafe Castelletto, all my efforts to get into one of the well-known cafe houses sadly failed because of too long queues, so I retreated yet again to an Italian place that didn't disappoint.

Another thing I would definitely recommend is going into the art museum, enjoy the brilliant art works first and finishing your visit off with a cup of coffee of hot chocolate in my case at the may I say fabulous cafe/restaurant in it. 

The castle Laxenburg is definitely worth a visit, it is easy to reach and only approximately 20 minutes away from Vienna.

The Vienna Eistraum, if you ask me, a real dream, we went there, but it's time to confess, I can't really skate, so we skipped hand-on practice. But, I would definitely recommend it for you adventurers and, well, brave people. The slalom like skating passage is I think really worth it.

Monday, January 22, 2018


Is trying to figure out whether one should laugh or cry at the people that nowadays try to give out life advice and profit off of it, although they are, to put it my way, not really looking out for your personal well-being, rather fro their own.

I agree that all we want is to take care of ourselves, work on that personal GOALS list and tick off one after the other, one step at a time. But for me that should start by admitting to yourself who you really are. What are you afraid of, what's your biggest desire, what you would change and many more questions that deserve to be answered. Just often don't get completed enough. 

The more time I spend at uni, the more I see such revolutionary attempts, at writing, being inspirational and sending out meaningful messages, but here's the thing, I have seen some of those people in real life and often it comes as a shock that those honest, approachable people on Instagram differ from the real-life experience we get once we encounter them. 

For me it is therefore important to distinguish between those real inspirations and the once that attempt at free riding on a trend that is supposed to be helpful and empowering, it is the details we should pay attention to and listen to carefully, the true intentions are given away there easily.

So open your eyes and ears, seek out truly important messages and find your mantras to follow, because those are things that solely depend on you.

"Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now. Don't wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future. Think how really precious is the time you have to spend, whether it's at work or with your family. Every minute should be enjoyed and savored."
-  Earl Nightingale

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Tuesday, January 9, 2018


Recently exam period has started and we all know what that entails: the only outdoors I see is the park leading to the university and the inside of my dear Esselunga supermarket. To embrace this small afternoon pause from studying, I started looking at pictures that I actually never turned into  blog posts.

It was in November that after a three months of not seeing my family, finally my mom came to visit me. The best way to spend your days, at least according to my philosophy is in a museum. For us the destination was Novecento, that wowed with its modern art. (also a great place to take a picture with the up-close Duomo in the background)

And where to go for the relaxing coffee afterwards you may ask? Illy cafe is just the place I would recommend. Located in Montenapoleone, it offfers:
a) great location
b) the best coffee
c) both
(you may find the answer sheet down below)

Answer key: c is correct (obviously)

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Les Ombres, les miserables

Although today it might seem like everything praised in an Instagram story is truly something amazing, something to put on your bucket list, beware, because that bubble might just easily burst like mine did in this one restaurant.

Booking in advance: ESSENTIAL. 

And exactly that is what I did. Arriving, not a problem, table, perfectly well-placed in the glass corner with an amazing view of the Eiffel, but to order, a mission impossible I wasn't able to complete. Apparently, although the menu suggests that you can choose whatever you want to eat (with a separate offer of a complete dinner menu of course), doing so causes the wrath of the shocked waiter that instantly disappears, just to resurface with the manager. And, apparently, taking dessert with a cocktail as a starter is also not a sight liked in this venue.

Dear restaurant managers,
beware, because although maybe not all of us are looking the part (at least how you envision us), customers should not be treated that way. Whatever might it mean that "bar experience is not served here" and "people come here for the food experience" comments we got while sitting and negotiating, I will not even bother with, but the down bar is: Why do you offer separate choices than on the menu? Maybe a question that you should find the answer to first.

(Also dessert is an experience, or should be, with that pricing! Sadly it wasn't meant to be)

P.S. For those of you that already know me, and for those of you that get to know me now, I do respect all policies of the places I go to, but some do seem unreasonable from time to time, at least my honest, blonde opinion on this matter, I don't doubt the quality of the food, but the freedom of choice XD.

(the table and location get 5+ from me, that is a fact)

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Christmas In Paris

(no wonder it is copyright protected)

(the most exquisite window displays as far as one's eye can see, I think the Fendi one was my favorite tho)

(The Parisian Opera)

(At the Galeries Lafayette)

(the practical side to picking out a great hotel, Moulin Rouge just 5 minutes away!)

(The Louvre is a place I enjoy coming back to, art is something that gets me motivated and inspired)

The first time I was there, a rather traumatizing time, oh, I can still remember the smell of the bus that almost caught fire.

But not even that prevents me from always coming back to my old flame, Paris.

Luckily, in the past few years, my trips have leveled their way up, and this year I packed my bags and spent Christmas there. Four days, 2 Aleksandra's and lots of fun.

Pure sightseeing isn't really a thing we do. From the Louvre to the Galeries Lafayette, back to the Arc de Triomphe and en route to the Louis Vuitton Foundation, we have visited most of it (it would be a disgrace to say all of it) in a short time frame.

My pictures are here to show you my view of Paris, a mini city tour through my lens. Although the daily digest on expensive cameras never stops to surprise me, I believe I have to be thankful for the existence of Nikon Coolpix, it brings across both, the message and joy I felt taking these pictures. (and is affordable)

If you're wondering what season to visit it in, or how many days one needs to stay to see all these things, I would suggest you start with a three day travel and make a good plan, because to be honest with you, I have been there many times,and I feel there are things I haven't visited yet(the perks of having a reason to return)...Now, when it comes to the best time for booking it, it would have to be either around Christmas or in Spring. 

All rights reserved by @aleks.tomasevic
P.S. Copyright for the Eiffel installment at night apparently remains by the EU, so I will hereby declare: All rights remain to their respective owners. 

Monday, January 1, 2018

The Holiday Shopping w/ Zaful & ASOS

Inspired by the strange moods of the weather and the cold it brings with it I decided to do some online shopping myself, nothing to pretentious, too pricey or extravagant. Yet, it was still enough to be the most colorful person at my university and shock the grey wave of colleagues there. 

The accessories, dresses and sweater shown in the pictures can be found at Asos and Zaful, be sure to check out both sites, since around this time of the year they tend to have the best deals and, yes, clothes!

Happy New Year!!

It is the time to rest and reflect surrounded by our dearest, to think about the moves we made, the accomplishments we achieved and mistakes all so small, that they now make us laugh. Dear 2017, You have been very good to me.

It made me happy, sad, refreshed, sleepless (Thank You, my dear exams) and realize that leaving the comfortable path we all so enjoy taking is a decision that should be made and thought about. I got stronger, more focused, developed a vision. Creativity, writing, and reading are my best friends. Relationships have strengthened, some have vanished, but the lessons they taught remain.

Here's an even more marvelous, an even brighter year ahead of us. Here's to new experiences, pushing boundaries and using potential in the right way, a way that fulfills your dream. To exploring creativity, taking on challenges and the responsibilities that life brings with it. To believing in yourself, and staying optimistic.

I wish you all good health, happiness, lots of joy, and laughter, because, a Serbian wisdom says: The rest will follow up.

Lots of love,

(welcome into my festive living room)