Friday, December 28, 2018

Dinner time!

Milan is magical (I am talking about that part of the city that is still not plastered with exam sessions and Bocconi buildings), an all time favorite of mine is definitely the Brera design district, a part of the city that lets you truly live your Italian fairy tale the way you want to! When I get my cravings for meat, fresh bread and good wine, I hop to the Taverna del Borgo Antico and get me some! Since the weather has gotten colder it's the right time to pull out all of my favorite sweaters from the closet and bring the color into winter! What do you think about it? This bright yellow one is from Zara, and ofc, not to forget my vintage Alpaca coat and over-knee Aldo boots to finish up the look!

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Monday, December 24, 2018

Song Of The Day

Elderbrook - Old Friends

Nights out and about

Another day, another year coming closer (bye, bye 2018). My last day in Milan of this year was exactly the 13th of December, and for almost two weeks now I have been enjoying downtime back home with the family and friends! After three months of not being back, my room sure does look bigger, my bed is even more comfortable and the Serbian snacks made my heart melt. When it comes to the one thing I missed most, the 50 kg Labrador sitting at the front door of my house, apparently the sentiment is mutual. 

This year has so far been the most adventurous one, more than 40 flights, more continents, and even more diverse cultures to discover. It has brought me a lot of memories, love and laughter, not to forget, lots of different food options. You remember the little bucket list I said I made when 2017 came to an end, well, 70% came true, and what hasn't happened yet will just push me to be better in 2019. It will be the year I move to yet another country, embark on another educational quest called masters and get one step closer to figuring out where I will want to live for a longer period of my life. 

Reminiscing about the important events of this year I made a small, yet big in meaning list about the happenings  that have further pushed me forward and brought joy into my daily routine. One of them was the time my best friend finally visited me in Milan. She, also a student abroad (just with a sea view, #Greece) took a couple of days and spent my exam-free days in shopping, laughter and well, over-the-top movie nights (pizza delivery included).

I wish you all a merry Christmas, as you know mine is on the 7th of January, but I do celebrate with my friends today as well.  

Outfit: Jacket: Naning9; Sweater: Zaful; Jeans: Stradivarius; Shoes: Nike; Bag: Maje;
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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Discovering Asia pt. 1

Before I start with the little quiz down there, let us take a look at some of the places I got to experience:

Welcome to Lotte World Halloween edition

Classical tourist experiences, apparently apparel & accessories of a boy band can be this popular. 

And yes, there was this little fella right there in the...

...The Raccoon cafe 

At Lotte World, Halloween, not so scary after all?

It was on a dull morning in September, rain pouring down, wind blowing heavily and yours truly exiting her apartment to go catch a plane... The question you all want to hear the answer to is of course where did I go, but instead of killing you with blunt details I will map you my way through Asia in pictures.

Instead of taking the direct Alitalia flights, I chose to fly as they call the Nordic route with Finnair, and not only did it result in great comfort, a lot of snack and drink options on board, but also in additional points that will soon be used for something special (anyone sensing another travel here or is it just me?).

After what seemed to be only 8 horror movies long of a flight, I finally got to experience it myself. Wild colors, lots of food options for every pocket size, an extremely nice hotel and the revelation that there pre-payment makes your life easier later at check-out. It's best to summarize my experiences through the little list I made on my way there, the list of questions I wanted to find the answer to, so let us turn this into a quiz, do you know which country I'm talking about?

1) Is everyone really dressed like in those TV shows?

And the answer soon came to me 20 minutes after landing, all around me polished women, wearing ballerinas, leather flats or nicely decorated shoes that matched the colors of their elaborate coats. Hair nicely styled, small cross-body bag across and she was ready to go.

2)Is BBQ there as good as the legend says?

After discovering one of the best  places in town (coming at you in pt. 2), I discovered it is not just a limited offer of one sort of meat, no there is a wide variety of partner menus and even larger ones to choose from, the grill is right there, the sides are included and on my hunt for a truly local experience I have tried their favorite alcoholic drink, not such a bad idea after all.

3) Is metro a trend?

It definitely was for me, given the complicated situation with taxis, I would not suggest you to even waste time on trying to get one, just invest in a T-money card, and hop into a metro line of your choice. Low fairs and great comfort, but do make sure to scan it every time you enter or exit the metro. It doesn't shake you like the Milanese one, but it does take time to get from one part of the city to the other, so plan your time accordingly.

4) How tall is a tall building?

Let me tell you, although some would now suggest I mostly couldn't see anything because of smog or other disrupting factors, it was in fact a clear night when I went up the radio tower (and there was also a restaurant to enjoy on top). Taking a walk along the tall buildings of both financial and telecommunication districts made me feel so liberated and calm that I can not even express my gratitude for those moments enough.

5) Is there fruit?

There is, but a limited amount. When you find it it is pre-packed, not to forget it could be a gamble with its taste. So be sure to pack those Vitamine Cs, Bs, and Ds, to keep up your actual daily amount for the time being there.

Can you guess now where I've been to? What I've been doing cuz more is to come, part II is already on its way.


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Monday, November 5, 2018

Prints and more

Have you been around Instagram lately? Did you see all those wild animals running around the pictures of influencers? Pardon me, it turns out it is the influencers themselves that have dived into  colorful (jungle like) attire. The animal print trend has taken us by storm, either your boots, dress or handbag carry it. Seemingly enough to leave a lasting appearance!

On my journey through Asia I have discovered certain style aspects I would like to incorporate into my daily outfit choices. One of them is the effortless chic of mixing and matching prints whilst keeping the colors still within the same palette. Although the mission impossible theme music is about to start playing as a side effect of my word choice, it is after all possible to achieve. I found it fun to play around and even made bold purchases while there!

A few nights ago, one of the rare occasions we took to go to movies (A star is born btw: you should. Just saying in case you had any doubts left) and enjoy a few cocktails was exactly when I decided to try out my newest purchases, straight to you from Asia, now available in Milan, Aleksandra in the natural habitat. Turning a cold night into something fun and less depressing than the rain and ponds coriginated by it.

Outfit: Bag & Shoes - Zara; Jacket - Naning9; Dress - Hotping

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Monday, October 29, 2018

Song Of The Day

Odesza - Falls (Golden Features Remix)

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October baby

There is nothing like finally being in my season! I adore Autumn, and I know many of you don't like the rain and falling leaves, but for me there is nothing like waking up with a Mint tea and looking through the window in October.

The Scorpio, a sign that is strong, intimidating, yet gentle at the same time, my sign, and almost accurate description. I recently celebrated my 21st birthday, and although I have expected some mysterious lightning to hit me with clarity, that didn't happen. Celebrating birthdays never was a party-of-the-year type of thing for me to do, instead I just gathered my closest friends, grabbed an Aperitivo and went for a nice walk through Milan's Brera district.

Outfit: Jeans - H&M, Sweater - Benetton, Boots- Aldo, Jacket - Stradivarius, Bag - bought in Venice, Glasses - Wagner&Kuehner

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Saturday, October 27, 2018

Airport life...

There are certain times of the year that I mostly spend commuting and visiting airports, in the end there is always a wonderful destination awaiting me when I land so it isn't something I feel drained by. What makes the waiting time and airport discoveries a bit easier (next to the digging into the duty free section, investing in perfumes and coffee) is of course a cozy, warm outfit, one that takes you from power-napping in the airplane to waiting for boarding and surviving delays, till the final arrival to your hotel of choice. 

I know some of you still prefer to look at least a bit put together, but don't think that isn't possible even when in your favorite track suite attire! I myself am the relaxed type, a hoodie, nice black 100% cotton sweat pants (my personal favorites are mostly from Paul & Shark), comfortable sneakers, my Sony headphones and I am on my way. No big time color choices, normally I am just dressed in shades of grey, green or hoodies and T-Shirts with fun messages on them, whilst keeping sneakers and the rest simple.

An easy access to my passport, tickets, laptop (my dearest companion especially when trans-continental flights are to be taken) and beauty products is a must, usually it results in me taking one of my customized leather backpacks or a tote cloth bag together with a small water resistant cross-body bag for my documents with me.

Beauty essentials, something that often entails taking out of the bag and showing at security, water-resistant bags and 100 ml sizes (the struggle is real). For me there aren't many things I really need, only some I can't live without (my poetic way of putting, as I am sure you experience the same). The Labellino, my favorite lip balm, a pinch of Vichy Normaderm cleansing gel re-filled in a travel size bottle and my favorite Roc antioxidant creme. 

It was a very cold day when I landed in Finland so I just threw over this denim jacket from Zara, also check out this cool water-resistant bag from Carpisa, actually intended to just carry your IPhone, but it also fit my travel documents.

Most of my luggage is also actually from Carpisa, at the time I was buying them I wasn't really searching for over-the-top brands like Samsonite or Rimowa, but they actually serve my well for quite some time now. This cloth bag is essential ideal, since it expands, but one downside is the missing zipper.

I prefer reading about business events, culture or just reading books in PDF, I know I am maybe weird like that, but some of my favorite books include those on Chinese literature and Philosophy in general.

A very tired Aleksandra, after watching some documentations on trends in Asia I was just looking forward to exploring the food menu on the plane!

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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Starting MFW...

This jumpsuit really fast became my biggest obsession!

Very simple, yet sophisticated looks are something I am trying to learn (yep, still in that phase), but for now it is starting to look better and better, what do you think?

My favorite week of the month September came and went by so fast, yep you heard it here first, I am talking about Fashion Week of course!

This year, even bigger, even brighter was the light of the Elena Savo show! Again, my dear favorite designer has graced me with the honor to cover front row for her and to inspect every piece of her new creative output (I did so for you guys, thoroughly). What came as an additional bonus this year is the chance to meet a lot of new designers through the show!

From night gowns, worthy of princesses, capsule collections that exploded in Sex & The City Vibes, as well as colorful combos, bright, just enough, to bright up everyone's mood in the room (not to outshine you), everything was there, at the Palazzo Bocconi garden.

I on the other hand went in there almost incognito, a simple, Parisian inspired styling that was completed with the presence of my new vintage white-wash denim jacket, my favorite Pollini moccasins. Here, here ya have them, the photos you asked for, the insights you longed for, more is yet to come, after all, Dior is awaiting us soon for a private presentation of the newest collection.

I on the other hand am using the time in between for a quick road trip, that is, another continent trip XD.

Stay tuned, because this, this, you really couldn't have seen coming!

XO Aleks

Styling: sweater - Zara; Shorts - Babaton; Shoes - Pollini; Jacket - Vintage
All rights reserved @aleks.tomasevic
Location: Milan, Italy

Monday, September 10, 2018

Girls, Bars and Outfits

So my summer came to an end, I am back at Uni, sitting here with my giant laptop, typing both notes and the blog, trying to find the right catch phrase for every article and the right angles for pictures. As you may have seen on my stories so far, I did manage to sneak in a few worthy nights next to the river, new places, and well fresh outfit ideas that are easy to copy and well, fully on trend!

I like my storytelling to be primarily through pictures, they after all do the best talking! It was a blast, but also the joy of finally being back at uni, moving into my very own apartment (no noisy neighbors like in the residence), and of course what is to come make my commute a yearly success story!

A place you should definitely try out when visiting Belgrade is definitely Toro Latin GastroBar, one of the few places that will find you a table even when you don't necessarily have a reservation. The food oriented towards  the Spanish culture, together with the cocktail list (a la passion being my favorite thus far) make this a really great place for girl nights!

It wouldn't be Belgrade if ti weren't for the fireworks

How we do night outs


My outfit is simple yet stylish, the roman sandals give it an edge, the shorts are Babaton and the denim button shirt is vintage, still dating from approx. the era of my mother going clubbing, but since these styles are experiencing a revival, it is very modern now!

Outfit: Shorts - Babaton; Shirt - Vintage; Shoes - Vintage; 
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Friday, September 7, 2018

Song Of The Day

Elderbrook - Sleepwalking 

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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

I tried the sporty look...

We've seen them dress ugly, sparkly, remodeled and in sports wear that slays for a night out, so I thought why not give it a try for one of my nights out and about with friends.. I tried the luxurious sportswear trend & this is what happened.

I I was very comfortable (and that all night).... Nothing to think or even worry about, as soft as my favorite sweatpants and the cycling shorts even made my legs look good. But what took a bit longer to figure out was the make up and hair situation. After consulting the number one guru out there (Google duh!), KKW served the ideal inspiration. You want texture, you want it long and you want to wear it down (I mean the hair). So playing with it on your own or putting in relaxed curves with a straightener or curler will do the trick (now this second thing is already advanced, not even I have mastered it completely)

II Instead of neon, I went for red accents... I kept it classic, like in the most famous pictures we have seen, black & white, but with a relaxed over-sized jacket in red on top. Another way you can add color is with the right bag, and if you are into neon lately, like the rest of the famous family, time to look at the newest blogger trend, the Prada bags...

Some of their new models I like, via Prada

III Let;s talk about how other's look at you... Since this was tested out on the grounds of my home town , there is a lot to tell. The craze has reached us too here in Serbia. While a few years ago you would have been looked at a bit worried and weird, now it is completely normal, more so, even seen as the standard of the fashionable & rich. Many are trying to imitate this style, some fail, some succeed, but what matters is wearing something you are comfortable in.

After testing this out, I have to say I was glad I chose to test out such a relaxed trend. My sneakers are my favorites, the most comfortable thing I own, so I didn't really struggle much. But,I know that some people almost get suffocated by their to tight leggings/shorts or compression wear, so watch out, we are human after all, not sausages. 

Will I wear it again? Most likely yes, I am very relaxed in my private down time, my friends and I enjoy casual nights, as much as we do going out to a club, so for me it isn't a momentum, it is a standard used often. Let me know in the comments below if you would like me to try out any other trend you are unsure of! Lots of love


Sources: @aleks.tomasevic (all rights reserved); Prada website (all rights remain to their respectful owners)

Outfit: Blouse & Shorts - Vintage finds; Shoes - Converse