Sunday, December 10, 2017


- Who says that a dorm room has to be boring? 

My mission this year was definitely to prove that it doesn't have to be. Today, it is finally here, it took me long (almost 3 full months to complete), but finally, it is here, my sanctuary, my room, that one personal cave in which I even manage to study (I swear occasionally I do that too).

The colors for this year; a warm red, mixed with lots of blankets and my signature two pillows (both found at Ikea). The walls are a thing I changed completely, new photos, my paintings and of course a thing not to be forgotten, my clothing rack (my most beloved possession). It turned out to be something that helped me finally take control and have a neat and organized closet space (a good trick for you fellow people that also don't have enough of that)

Now, what's left to do is to show you the pictures and say arrivederci! (at least until the next post)

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