Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Being insecure... A topic we all think about, it just appears, gets to us, and somehow it rests there in that small corner of the brain, just waiting to be provoked. (happens so easily mostly) You don't admit it, you keep quiet, you try to understand it, and yet, yet, you don't.

It's all so normal, but now let's ask it: How did values and what is desirable get so out of hand?

Serbia, a country with great nature, even better food and beverages, yet very wrong placed values makes me nowadays more laugh than question myself, now that is an accomplishment.  Exposing oneself often based on such simple deeds, no thinking just doing, impulses, gambles and well, someone has to say it cheap manners are what push many people forward, be it in a social and TV personality way, or in the everyday life number of friends, clubs and night outs way (please, some experiences are still made to be skipped).

It is a fine line between working on oneself for oneself and doing it to match the masses and become the so-called norm (the opposite of thought-provoking and appealing if you ask me). What always interested me was how do you not lose yourself, question whether to give in to the surrounding and experience that overall acceptance of the masses?

A matter of curiosity and almost a James Bond-like mission, that led me to be here, an occasionally lost in translation blonde, cheerful and well still clueless (although I still blame that movie for my state of mind XD). Faking it till you're making it backfires, at it's finest. when that one crucial moment comes, that hype you invested so much time in creating is at its peak.

I'd describe it as a message from reality, as I still believe it exists, that in the end, normally prevails and the one decision to be made is: What do you do to become, who do you want to be?

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