Wednesday, October 4, 2017


Milan Fashion Week came to an end, a busy week, in which this year even Agitatrix found its place.  I was fortunate enough to spend my first official Fashion Week event at Dior in Via Montenapoleone. It was a magical evening themed in colors and my second favorite thing: ASTROLOGY. When at Dior, it is only fair that even your Aura turns into a Diora (from now on I will be calling it like that frequently). Different colors presumably symbolize the different aspects of your character, and make for a good picture to take back home. What mine said indeed is a good question?

- Well, besides being a bundle of humor, I am very passionate and determined (or so it seems XD). I'll just say red and purple.

The theme wasn't just randomly picked, it showcased the patterns and embroideries of the new collection very well. The clothes have a stardust feeling to them, the star signs and calendars found on them make them seem almost like from another planet (who am I kidding, the whole store is out of this world)

This is my way of saying: Thank You, Dior, for having us. Cheers, to many more magical nights like that one.

Outfit: Satin shorts - custom made, Blouse - my design, Shoes - Missguided
All rights reserved by @alex.tomasevic

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