Wednesday, September 6, 2017


Patiently waiting, as I have told you so far, I'm trying to work on it, often not really succeeding in it for now tho. Somehow, I still managed to keep calm while waiting for my wonderful packages.
Recently as you might have observed, the blog is actually getting a meaning and dare I say I am proud of what it has become. Also, it brings me the opportunity to showcase a lot of ongoing collaborations, like the one with Rosegal

I was really happy the day the mailman came by (the clothes still make me feel excited). When it comes to the first thing I notice about clothes, it would definitely have to be the quality...which in this case turned out to be really amazing(compared to the affordable price). For 30 dollars  I have managed to get 4 items, that I feel make my closet more complete....(an amazing deal we don't usually get to witness)

Three shirts and a summer dress try on later, my judgment: I will definitely continue ordering!

Tho I wasn't sure how this would fit (the fear of every online shopping), it actually turned out to be a magnificent choice, tho with a daring slit that sometimes can be hard to control. (avoid windy situations)

Now, the Philadelphia shirt, well it is slowly, but surely starting to appear more and more in my outfit choices. Finally, I have found another lounge shirt that is on the same level of comfortable as my Iron Maiden one. (by now even I have seen enough of it)

T-Shirts with sayings, landmarks, drawings and cities...we all possess them, but often they can't be styled the right way, mine, I have paired with a pair of J Brand jeans, and my statement jewelry pieces.

This is one of those outfits you wear when your mood is a bit down. As soon as I saw it, I fell in love with the color of the Shirt, the crochet detailing on the back just adds to the whole flair. In order not to look like a canary bird (which can go both good and bad in some respects XD) I decided to pair it with casual leggings from H&M. 

Gymming, the word that scares some of us, but also keeps us in shape and motivated in a way (me almost never, but I'd never admitted it this publicly). I was searching for a long time, and then I found it on their site: the Shirt with flair, loose and sportive fit, the gym go to. Usually, I really keep it neutral with the colors, that is what makes my new NIKE sneakers especially stand out.

Links to the products:
Summer Dresses
Philadelphia Shirt
Green shirt
Relaxed fit Shirt

Photo and text credits: All rights reserved by @aleks.tomasevic.

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