Wednesday, September 13, 2017


(also lots of fun at the Martini pop up bar in Navigli)

By now it is safe to say that the randomness factor experienced by me is at its essence relatively high. Exactly what brings us to today's story...

You might don't know this about me, but I used to be a huge Formula 1 fan since an early age (these days the feelings might have changed a bit, yet I still do admire the technology and speed it stands for), so when I discovered that Mercedes-Benz stand right next to Bosco Verticale I was the happiest person alive. What happened afterward, even we didn't see coming.

We were just having fun, taking pictures and laughing a lot when all of sudden we ended up being featured in one of their short videos that celebrate the race weekend in Monza, which btw is super close and the tickets to there are also not expensive. (internally died a bit that point, luckily because of happiness AND, I didn't embarrass myself).

P.S. The sign from the universe that plain, unplanned days always end up surprising you

Link to video:Mercedes Benz Italia Instagram
All rights reserved for the pictures @alex.tomasevic

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