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Tho the rest of you still have a lot of summer moments left, for me, it is coming to an end. By the end of the week I will be already strolling around Milan again (and can't wait for it actually, my peeps will already be there awaiting me). The only part about moving I do complain about is packing...Boxes, papers, what to throw, what to bring, what fits in that wonderful VW of ours and what simply needs to wait for its turn always somehow manages to drive me crazy...

But in the end, it is all worth it when I reach that pretty little apartment of mine in the dorm, cuz that is when the magic happens, when the decorating begins.

For me a cozy room is everything. The right place for studying, the getaway for those afternoon naps and the one place that has to feel like home (who wants to feel like living from a suitcase in an understated hotel for 9 months, I most certainly don't)

For this year I decided to switch it up a little and am giving the room a completely new, yet true to myself vibe. How do I plan on doing that? Well. let me guide you through my rules for a both functional and pretty small space.

What I would definitely suggest is opting for a good desk lamp. In my case, I have also invested in a smaller reading lamp that casually hangs from the wooden shelves above the bed. In those crucial late night studying sessions, this will be really helpful since our eyes tend to hurt and get tired more easily if the lighting is too soft.

(this is how I like to keep my pencils too, metallic bins are a really cheap, yet stylish thing )

(don't freak out immediately, these lamps can be found at Ikea for affordable prices)

Another way to add something special to your room would also be maybe adding hanging lights (like the ones in the picture below) or you could also decide for my option: LED lights attached on the wall right along the top shelf, in this way I have gotten a softer light for just hanging out in my room with friends or watching movies. They are easy to install and not that expensive (they can be found in every do-it-yourself store near you).

(the lights around the window make the space feel warmer)

I don't know about your dorm, but in mine, we get those awful white (almost hospital LIKE) bedspreads and sheets. Well, skip out on them and make your space a bit more you instead! Bed sheets are an easy investment that can instantly light up your room, make it more intriguing and colorful (next to the white walls in my room they sure come in handy as a mood lifter). Also, another way I like to do it is by adding colorful pillows, last year I mixed geometric patterns with shades of yellow and silver which gave my room that little something-something.

(mixing and matching doesn't just mean chaos and ugly, this is one good example of it)

(if you want to keep it simple, yet effective, try combining bed sheets in a neutral color with really pigmented, color rich pillows)

(geometric prints are my personal favs)

(pillows make the space seem cozier)


When studying, fresh air is what you need, and what better way to spread positive vibes and fresh air than plants! Tho I'd say not all of us have that much space, we can all still fit in one of these uber cute mini plants that come in a vase. In my apartment I have invested in a small rose, yep you heard me right, it is of course pink and just makes my space feel even more like home.

I hope these tips and tricks can be helpful for you when you start thinking about making that sterile dorm room your own.  


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