Saturday, August 19, 2017


Taking care of oneself is something we so often forget about, I know from myself I often just do the basics (the bare essentials that are XD).

Washing the skin, blow drying my hair, a bit of SPF and I'm already out the door. (I do also manage to put on some clothes)

My beauty routine usually takes up as much as 15 minutes, 4 effective, yet simple steps and till this day my biggest mystery is still how that one girl from my class used to wake up at 6 in the morning and work on her makeup till it was almost impossible to arrive at school in time...intriguing isn't it.

That should also be your first step...I try to avoid aggressive products (they do more harm than they have positive effects, and often cost more than they are worth) and therefore always go for easy applicable, exfoliating masks. The two I use most would be the L'oreal Paris Pure Clay Exfo mask and the Mr. Black illuminizing peel-off black mask (the secret weapon for clear pores in the nose area). Both of them are easy to use and rinse off later.

We are surrounded by people that are constantly doing their make up, and there's nothing wrong with that, but in my case, I go the lighter road. This foundation I discovered in that wonderful Sephora in Milan and the sales lady was right, it really fits. Lancome's air de teint has turned into something I always go back to (the bottle additionally lasts long, and although it costs 30 euros, it is definitely worth it). It blends really well and doesn't smudge like some of the others. My advice, apply it just with tips of your fingers, in order to really make it almost invisible, yet really covering. (this foundation helps me look fresh, although I studied throughout the nights)

At one period I was obsessed with bright lipsticks (I love them to this day). In the recent time, they have found their place to shine: during those wild nights in Milan. During the day, however, I like to keep it classy, but colorful and Clinique got me covered: their Chubby stick (mine is in the shade 14 curvy candy) is just the perfect amount of moisturizer, creaminess, and pink. (hint incoming: they are available at Sephora)

Subtle, seductive and turns even the heads of females, yes my dears we are talking about that golden (pun intended) Bvlgari fragrance. When I first tried on Goldea it blew me off my feet and soon it replaced that Black Opium fragrance I was known by. It is a vibrant scent, fruity, but not too much, on the skin it feels refreshing and honestly, it amazed me for how long the scent lasts (#alldaypeople). Hint: Spray a bit over your hair, the wonderful scent will follow you around wherever you are headed to.

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