Wednesday, August 9, 2017


The days are hot, beach buns are out and we will finally witness me being stress free isn't that wonderful? Vacations, they can either make you or break you (often just depending on the people we're travelling with), in my case, this one is simply making me complete. Which led us to another confession (which was long due).

Being Aleks, it doesn't just mean craziness, randomness and a lot of passion, it also means figuring out how you feel about yourself, and it's a thing I usually don't talk much about. In the beginning I ate and felt like that one retarded cousin they portray so often in those Hollywood blockbusters. I was laughed at,, didn't feel pretty and bully attempts didn't take long to appear, but I always kept quiet about it, until now, now I know that when they say the relationship to yourself sets the tone  for the other ones it really is so... it is time to add the value you deserve. (while skipping those many steps I had to take)

1) Having an opinion is one thing no one can take away from you.

At this age we're all just floating around, and it should be like that, we should experiment, explore, travel and learn, learn the most out of what we see, feel and desire..just that doesn't mean always being surrounded by people, it means learning how to be alone too. And I was often alone, I felt like a misfit most of the time during one period. And I didn't know why some people simply didn't even give me a chance, but knowing what I know now, I can actually say thank you for providing the reasons I became who I am today.

            2) Listen to what others have to say, but value your gut the most.

It relates to those magical Buddhist experiences we often get to read about, the knew philosophy of hipsters, who have silently (well, not anymore silently) occupied us, the forming of those new healthy lifestyle and mind consciousness trends (that were there long before the "new" philosophers nowadays started talking about them). You shouldn't be intimidated, nor drastically change the way you behave, dress or think, you should start thinking with your own mind, that is the key message we all have in common. Ask yourself what troubles the people troubling you could be experiencing now and be patient, being alone can leave you devastated, but in the big picture you will understand your needs better. (crying isn't anything to be ashamed of too)

3) Solitude doesn't limit, it frees time from the not so important things.

And for your family, friends and that one guy that's gonna make you fall for him head over heels. To give you must learn to love yourself first, otherwise from personal experiences it can never be that 50:50 balance. I know, this must sound hard to some of you, but being alone instead of being with someone who doesn't know how to value and treat you is a far less painful option. Who knows, maybe it was wrong timing, the wrong person or wrong reasons, but it will sure lead you to a new insight in this poker game called life. Just remember, that you should first work on yourself, and all god things will follow.

4) Love is a two way street, it doesn't function when only one is pushing.


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