Friday, July 21, 2017


Tho the year is only halfway through and round two awaits me after this short, yet sweet break I can already tell you one thing: 2017 you have been good to me.

Why am I putting it like that...well, it blessed me with experiences and a new city that I call my home. What I found there in many moments wasn't what I had really expected. After just the first few months people seemed to get bored of it, tired of it, without any idea how to answer the question: where shall we go out today? At that time I realized it, one question I simply couldn't get the answer to: How does one get bored of Milan??? 

See thing is, every city has something wonderful to it, but not every single one of them has it exposed openly, and it's safe to say Milan is one of them.

Biggest trouble of everyone seemed to be getting out of that Bocconi zone, the zone you get stuck in while studying for your exams, it is as if you try to escape the university grounds, but you always end up in that one cafe across the street... Not in my case.

I went for random walks, found my allies, found my coffee beans and thinking spots, the inspiration corners and the fun stuff, it just took me taking that time in the day, the time in which you think you are actually stuck, haven't finished anything, the time that freaks you out and converting it into what I call a RESET.

This same trick is how I got to know my base town, Belgrade... And not just that, it helps me focus, think and just relax. In the end it appeared that the two cities complemented each other, Belgrade brought the craziness, Milan the calmness, my Yin found it's Yang and that is also how I grew as a person, I started following my interests and found some new ones along the way. Both positive and negative experiences have led me to here, and it makes me truly look forward to what else I will feel, see and discover in my two cities, my two homes... How my story continues, we'll see (most likely in the following blog posts)

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