Friday, July 14, 2017


With all the craziness that has already become an essential companion of my life it was during the last exam period I had to complete that I decided to just pack my bags, and disappear for some (very short) two days. I needed sea, I needed sun and that''s how I ended up in the port of Genova.

The two days were bright, I could study Math 2 in peace and AIRBNB served me well (surprisingly even the price wasn't that shocking). My time was well spent: reading, thinking, a lot of talking and walking. What could one ask for more?? Turns out, often it's you that should do so... Being demanding, nitpicking and ordering other people around wasn't and will never be my thing, but it is the normal frame of behavior that should be respected and this especially refers to us, the in-betweeners that are trying to figure out how to make adulthood theirs, without losing their inner child. Tho, you might feel insecure and unable to value yourself high now, stay true to yourself and never let someone dim your light and first and foremost never let someone waste your time (a scarce resource you cannot get back once lost). Believe in your goals, write them down, do not forget them and keep them close. Do what you love, and don't look back, because it is often the weakest people trying to put you down. All these words just rushed through my mind and I felt better, felt stronger. Travelling was my remedy and it was a good one. Genova is a pearl, it opened my mind, a tourist magnet that will serve you both with an enchanting, glamorous side to it, but beware, it has some dark corners better to be avoided during night strolls. Cafes and restaurants serve good food and the prices are lower than the Milan fares (finally!!!). Be sure to check out the aquarium and climb up the panorama view, it sure is instagram worthy!

P.S. I passed that Math 2 oral with a 28, so it is safe to say the trip was worth it...

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