Sunday, July 23, 2017

Closet Insights

Summer style is one of our favorite topics, there's no way of denying that. Whether it's on the beach, a city break (Carrie Bradshaw made me fall in love with these) or just turning heads as you go out with your girls we all want to LOOK AND FEEL GOOD!!!

Fabrics are lighter, patterns are more colorful and the brightness scale has gone up, that is how I would describe my wardrobe. As my favorite pieces I would definitely identify the sparkly slippers as well as Greece inspired dresses. My love for jumpsuits has increased, don't worry by switching up the shoes or bag you carry with it you will make it a new outfit over and over again and I finally decided to buy my first pair of light fabric pants (a true must this season if you ask me, also they never go out of style).

Sparkle obsession didn't just stop at the slippers, elements of this trend can also be found in some of my trainers and even espadrilles.  I collect a lot of vintage pieces (yes, I robbed my mums closet a bit as well), I like classic bags, but also recently I started mixing and matching even my more daring bags with bold outfit choices.

Best lesson learned this year: You don't always have to get new bags over and over again, recycle your old ones by simply adding details to them, with my old black Zara bag I paired my small Moschino scarf, instantly it elevated it's look.

Photo credits: All rights reserved by @aleks.tomasevic
Shoot location: Belgrade, Serbia

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