Friday, July 28, 2017


Another week, another travel... Finally, this time I am typing my words from wonderful Greece, right next to the beach and spending my days wearing white crochet crop top and print bikinis (while trying to channel my inner Greek goddess, finally reached that part of life). Here, everything is relaxed, no hurrying, no phone ringing, just you, the beach and palm trees, simple like that should your outfit be too. Crochet can be seen all across the beach bars and the bathing suits are more creative than ever this year, I'm talking radiant colors, bold prints (among which the flower ones are my personal favs) not to mention the re-designed cuts. As you might know by now, I don't really think you have to buy the most expensive products out there in order to look your best, that is why I am bringing you yet again another one of my personally most trusted internet shopping destinations: Rosegal

Here are some of the styles I like the most and also recommend in order for you to shine this summer!!

Now these two types of bathing suits can look very flattering on the body, even if you are a bit wider  in the stomach area this will make it look sleek, it is a much better alternative to the small off-cutting bikini tops and bottoms we see so often (and complain even more)

Who says that you need a lot of $$ for a good summer dress. The examples above are very good for covering those seaside dinners and family lunches. What I personally love about them is the fringe detailing, relaxed tailoring and not to forget CROCHET (a true must)

Now these tops, they have basically taken over my wardrobe style. They are both very comfortable (can be used as a bikini cover up) and look stylish (we are talking more fab, with less effort). My fav piece you can find linked down below, definitely give it a look and tell me what you think about it! 

The never-ending dilemma of a blog writer is usually how to wrap up a post (my biggest struggle usually), but I think that doing it with a gift is the best way. I have teamed up with the wonderful Rosegal team and prepared you your 10% extra off of the ongoing sales with a special Agitatrix coupon code!! Now that is one more reason to read a bit further below and discover it :D


You want some new clothes, why not taking a look over here?
Summer sales ongoing, all from 33% off. Use code RGEN for another 10% off!
Time for a new outfit!

Summer sales at Rosegal

Photo source: Rosegal Website. All rights reserved.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Closet Insights

Summer style is one of our favorite topics, there's no way of denying that. Whether it's on the beach, a city break (Carrie Bradshaw made me fall in love with these) or just turning heads as you go out with your girls we all want to LOOK AND FEEL GOOD!!!

Fabrics are lighter, patterns are more colorful and the brightness scale has gone up, that is how I would describe my wardrobe. As my favorite pieces I would definitely identify the sparkly slippers as well as Greece inspired dresses. My love for jumpsuits has increased, don't worry by switching up the shoes or bag you carry with it you will make it a new outfit over and over again and I finally decided to buy my first pair of light fabric pants (a true must this season if you ask me, also they never go out of style).

Sparkle obsession didn't just stop at the slippers, elements of this trend can also be found in some of my trainers and even espadrilles.  I collect a lot of vintage pieces (yes, I robbed my mums closet a bit as well), I like classic bags, but also recently I started mixing and matching even my more daring bags with bold outfit choices.

Best lesson learned this year: You don't always have to get new bags over and over again, recycle your old ones by simply adding details to them, with my old black Zara bag I paired my small Moschino scarf, instantly it elevated it's look.

Photo credits: All rights reserved by @aleks.tomasevic
Shoot location: Belgrade, Serbia

Friday, July 21, 2017


Tho the year is only halfway through and round two awaits me after this short, yet sweet break I can already tell you one thing: 2017 you have been good to me.

Why am I putting it like that...well, it blessed me with experiences and a new city that I call my home. What I found there in many moments wasn't what I had really expected. After just the first few months people seemed to get bored of it, tired of it, without any idea how to answer the question: where shall we go out today? At that time I realized it, one question I simply couldn't get the answer to: How does one get bored of Milan??? 

See thing is, every city has something wonderful to it, but not every single one of them has it exposed openly, and it's safe to say Milan is one of them.

Biggest trouble of everyone seemed to be getting out of that Bocconi zone, the zone you get stuck in while studying for your exams, it is as if you try to escape the university grounds, but you always end up in that one cafe across the street... Not in my case.

I went for random walks, found my allies, found my coffee beans and thinking spots, the inspiration corners and the fun stuff, it just took me taking that time in the day, the time in which you think you are actually stuck, haven't finished anything, the time that freaks you out and converting it into what I call a RESET.

This same trick is how I got to know my base town, Belgrade... And not just that, it helps me focus, think and just relax. In the end it appeared that the two cities complemented each other, Belgrade brought the craziness, Milan the calmness, my Yin found it's Yang and that is also how I grew as a person, I started following my interests and found some new ones along the way. Both positive and negative experiences have led me to here, and it makes me truly look forward to what else I will feel, see and discover in my two cities, my two homes... How my story continues, we'll see (most likely in the following blog posts)

Saturday, July 15, 2017


Often blogging just refers to posting outfit pictures and short attempts at describing those... For me this blog, as I like to call it my baby should and is a much more personal project. For a long time I believed that it truly was personal, but recently I came to the conclusion that I wasn't quite honest with you guys and with myself. In the beginning my goal was to bond with the audience, for now it seems I have come far along that way (*screaming with excitement*), but it is time to move one big step and weigh in on the top ten things to know about me...Meet the author, me, yours truly Aleks...

1)  I am pretty boring in person...
My days are usually spent reading books and walking around Belgrade (that is when I'm not getting lost in Milan, or trying to find the true reasons why reality TV is so popular in Serbia XD). I am a dog person to the core and the one thing that I always start my day with is a walk with Reks (if you by now don't know who he is, welp, my blonde side kick of 12 years <3)

2) I might have a slight obsession with...
PLOT TWIST!!! It's not coffee, it's worse, much much worse: green tea. Every day, all day you can see me holding my Coin Casa tea cup set and sippin' on that (although hated by many)green gold. With this I am hardcore, NO sugar, NO nothing...but hell yes to a cheesecake with it.

3) Running late is essential....
Whether it is for a meeting with friends, writing for the blog (by now you may have noticed), or official business, I AM ALWAYS LATE! Finally, I have to share my accomplishment with you, I have improved and am continuing to work on this weak point

4) I don't believe in the concept of fitting in...
What would that even mean? For me being your truly is what counts, and if that eliminates or prevents certain people from being in your circle, it is meant to be that way... For a long time attempts at trying to fit in lead me to failures, I learned my lesson from that, so should you.

5) Luxury doesn't just fall on your lap...
Meaning, I do not support having to pull out any types of luxurious brands all the time in order for this blog to succeed or to be acknowledge in private. At just 19, I am doing just fine, being happy, living in Milan, and very grateful for the chance to work with some clothing brands already, there is no need to rush things ...because all good things come to you if you work for them.

6) Alea iacta est...
Is my un-official life motto! I believe in the concept of following your dreams and creating your luck, because of that I try to work even harder.

7) In times of crisis I de-stress...
by listening to (don't fall of your chair) folk music, and in case you're not familiar with Serbian folk, well yes, I am talking about turbo folk (the worst of them all). Tho the songs aren't intellectual, some sentences have shown to be useful in handling stressful, hurtful or even completely unexpected situations...

8) I love me some good ink...
I know, it's not for everyone, but for me they are my personal reminders of what counts in the end of the day...

9) I skip make up...
My everyday and going out looks have one thing in common, mostly they are make up free...and it usually takes a really special occasion for me to put it on. What I do believe in is good skin care (which you will hear about more soon on the blog)

10) I am most peaceful when...
I get to spend my days with family and friends, without having people that do not want me on a regular basis in their life text me or demand knowing everything about my life...

Personal Photos: All rights reserved by @alex.tomasevic
Quotes source: Pinterest, all rights remain to their respectable owners

Friday, July 14, 2017


With all the craziness that has already become an essential companion of my life it was during the last exam period I had to complete that I decided to just pack my bags, and disappear for some (very short) two days. I needed sea, I needed sun and that''s how I ended up in the port of Genova.

The two days were bright, I could study Math 2 in peace and AIRBNB served me well (surprisingly even the price wasn't that shocking). My time was well spent: reading, thinking, a lot of talking and walking. What could one ask for more?? Turns out, often it's you that should do so... Being demanding, nitpicking and ordering other people around wasn't and will never be my thing, but it is the normal frame of behavior that should be respected and this especially refers to us, the in-betweeners that are trying to figure out how to make adulthood theirs, without losing their inner child. Tho, you might feel insecure and unable to value yourself high now, stay true to yourself and never let someone dim your light and first and foremost never let someone waste your time (a scarce resource you cannot get back once lost). Believe in your goals, write them down, do not forget them and keep them close. Do what you love, and don't look back, because it is often the weakest people trying to put you down. All these words just rushed through my mind and I felt better, felt stronger. Travelling was my remedy and it was a good one. Genova is a pearl, it opened my mind, a tourist magnet that will serve you both with an enchanting, glamorous side to it, but beware, it has some dark corners better to be avoided during night strolls. Cafes and restaurants serve good food and the prices are lower than the Milan fares (finally!!!). Be sure to check out the aquarium and climb up the panorama view, it sure is instagram worthy!

P.S. I passed that Math 2 oral with a 28, so it is safe to say the trip was worth it...

All rights reserved @alex.tomasevic