Thursday, April 13, 2017

Afternoon Tea At Palazzo Parigi

Months are passing by, my first year of uni is reaching a very successful end, and tomorrow, finally I will get to reunite with my family for two weeks. I don't know how it's going for you, but spring is magical for me.

My last days in Milan I have spent walking around, exploring and at my new favorite hideout for tea, yes, you heard me, we are talking about Palazzo Parigi.

Now, don't get immediately scared when I mention a 5L star hotel, cuz this one is a bargain that even fits tight student budgets from time to time. By accident I found out about their afternoon tea, which offers three different price options (16, 22 and 30 Euros), a fine tea assortment, with even my fav sencha yamato green tea and laduree macaroons to round up your tea time.

Now, what has won me over completely is the fact that there is no coperto (for those of you who don't know what that is, in many Italian restaurants it is usually charged together with your meal as a sitting fee), it was amazing to experience finally quality and not having to worry about overpaying for a bad experience.

Now that is something to remember for your next travel to what has already become my second home.


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Saturday, April 8, 2017


Finally, spring is here! For me, this means a pink lace dress and the subtle sexy counterpart, the black mini dress for those after exam night outs that are well deserved. (Fellow students I know you feel me)

Tho, I am one of the late ones to discover the benefits of internet shopping, I am glad I did, and exactly that is why today I am bringing you one of my favorite affordable sites, Zaful.
Current obsession, well, hmm, everything lace and for a change, this time my signature color isn't only black,  it is also pink, but don't worry, these pinks you can actually use for casual and night outfits without a problem. The site offers good quality without hurting your budget. Ladies, we all know what that means: BRING IT ON NICE WEATHER!!!!

Classical cuts also are a thing to try out, they are not granny by default, they can elevate your style, make you feel more confident and at the same time add sex appeal. These two baby pink lace ones are perfect examples of how to achieve that.

We all know me, black is essential, but the more time I spend in Italy, the more I start to get how to balance it right. Keyword: florals. They are chic and add flair to your look. Also if you ever wished to feel like a Spanish goddess, well, that is the right, effortless way to do it :D.

Photo source: Zaful
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