Thursday, March 16, 2017

A Very Bond Night

Milan, a city I have been living in for the past six months, conclusion so far: best experience ever. Side note: Finding the right place for relaxing and hanging out with your friends over cocktails: Well, welcome to Mission Impossible.

Places are diverse, some claiming to be well made, yet put plain and simple just overrated, others still have the vintage Italian movie vibe, even with the same guy that served throughout the 70's. But coming from Belgrade, a city that never sleeps, that offers you party 24/7, as well as the cafe lounge at home feeling you always turn to for a chill night out with good music, I was looking for something different, modern, yet affordable. Now that, that brings us to Bond Milano.

Located in Navigli it offers a combination of effortless hipster vibe mixed with live DJ sets Friday-Sunday. Club atmosphere brought to you in a lounge surrounding is completed with the most amazing cocktail list you'll ever get to see. My personal favorite for those girl night outs would be definitely Aloha, just the right amount of sweetness and vodka (even prices are kept low key and won't kill your wallet). Since we are in Italy, let's not forget about the #aperitivo, here it is served from 18:30 till 21, but if you ask for it, they will offer you the aperitivo price even later in the night, isn't that amazing.

With all that being said, this is one place you should definitely add to your *TO VISIT* list for when in Milan.


Outfit overview: Boots - Aldo, Black jeans - H&M, Blouse - Mango, Black Leather Jacket - Zara, Rings - Vintage
Photo credits: All rights reserved by @aleks.tomasevic. 

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