Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Remaining True To Yourself

Femme fatale the ultimate symbol of causing distress to a man, but in reality remaining true to oneself, fitting it all in and dealing with almost hourly hormonal changes causes, us femmes, especially at this age to have the weak moments, moments of honesty, a lot of girl nights, wine and havoc.

But is it really necessary tho, is it worth it tho, soaking it all up and bottling it in just to maintain a happy facade. Sometimes maintaining one relationship can cause the loss of another, the one you have with yourself. Personal experience incoming: never a good trade off. That is why finally I have found my inner peace and am giving my best to maintain it.

Me? How would I describe myself? Well, welcome to a new episode of too much information

Girls especially ones with more relaxed approaches to things will be freaked out even more, guess who's one of the leads in that club, khm khm: @a.tomasevic 

Biggest conclusion ever: Weakness is shown through competing with the wrong people, so instead of feeling as if in a race with the people you like, lean back and focus on the target group you want to reach.

Embrace being a girl first and foremost! The most important aspect of you, be female, don't get lost, lost in being a too big tom boy (I personally am one of them, enjoy it and embrace it), in all the parties, fun and busy lifestyle trends, simply because girl you still have your own and sometimes it is hard not to get hurt, or end up in a boxing matching with your own inner insecurities, if you feel misunderstood like that, it is better to just talk it out than simply yell it out. 

Lastly, but most importantly never ever, and I mean not even in your dreams try to fit into a group, build anything up on lies or even worse change and forget about your responsibilities because you simply wanted to be cared about, caring is a natural feeling, I myself, tho not known for socializing day and night have a strong protective instinct about the people I love, but trust and love are things earned hard and lost easily, so picking out both, people and activities wisely is a crucial act.

And about the famous night of changing emotions, well, ladies, decisions are only made well after a good nights rest, and girl time therapy sessions. So no need to flip your sh*t every time you feel upset.

Therefore, my gals you are young, beautiful, strong and independent, but also fragile, keep that in mind and enjoy your days, be fearless, make bold decisions and never have doubt, all things fall in place.


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