Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Winter Edit

Feelings do tend to be mixed when the winter arrives, some find it too cold and snowy, don't see the options for going out, but before you start feeling the blues, just remember it is the season of family gatherings, good food and celebrations. I am still awaiting my Christmas, I know I know, we celebrate a bit late, but with a lot of love (in case you were wondering, am orthodox, that is why it's later). So I thought why not show how to make the winter stylish and colorful (and yes, that is realistic and possible). Enjoy my picks and tricks for a very merry season and happy holidays to you all.

The sparkle: Tho a subject I am not completely a fan of, this guarantees you a mood lift. You can either choose to add up sparkly accessories or go for an eye catcher: the dress, whether you choose subtle shimmery or opulent glam, make sure to focus on one thing which means keeping the accessories or center pieces neutral.

What is new, what has changed? The hair...Tho it more resulted spontaneously I must say that ash blonde almost silverish tones have won my heart by storm, special thank you to the genius from Alexim parrucherie Milan who gave me the idea. Turns out, this color is also a big trend atm. But ladies, at the end of the day always choose the color which represents you, all your characteristics and enhances the nature given beautiful features we are all blessed with.

When it comes to my current favorites hmm... Those would include an obsession for a DKNY bag, classic cut yet flirty shoes with a little twist to 'em. Since starting Uni in September I have realized that there is an unofficial dress code going around in Bocconi and the main part of every outfit make up the shoes. Black, matte or shinny they are everywhere around, but I chose a pair that keeps it classy but adds up my personality to every outfit combination.

Everyone loves matte! Including myself, but instead of fighting like a gladiator for one of those very popular, always sold out Kylie lip kits, I stay true to my Aura cosmetics. My favorite shades are 602 and 601, and for a red lip I would recommend trying out their 603 shade. What makes them so special is that they last throughout the whole night and you get to party relaxed and put the compact mirror away.

L'occitane is the other must you should definitely add to your to buy list. Their hand creams do keep what they promise and trust you me I have sensitive skin which dries out easily, so I wouldn't recommend anything that isn't worth it 100%. What makes this cream different is that you are not left with the uncomfortable fatty feeling that nivea often leaves behind, instead, this cream is absorbed easily and keeps the hands nicely moisturized during the cold days.

This would be all for today, I hope you find something interesting for yourself, and wish you a great 1st of January, a lot of health and happiness for this year :D


Product overview: Bag - DKNY, found at Rinascente Milano Duomo, Parfume - Black Opium by YSL, Matte lipsticks - Aura Cosmetics, Hand creme - L'occitane, Hairstyle - Alexim Parruchiere Milan, Italy
All rights reserved by @aleks.tomasevic. 

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