Sunday, January 29, 2017

A Parisian Love Affair

Paris Fashion Week, a dream of most probably every girl, especially when it comes to haute couture. This year I was lucky enough to spend a few magical days in the city of lights during that time. Tho, not present with body and soul at the shows, I was still able to feel the influence, sense the style and experience the sources of inspiration up close. It is a mixture of effortless chic and tom boyish swag that makes up a typical Parisian citizen. And even in the cold does the city enchant with its vibrancy and takes away your breath with the amazing old architecture, now combined with modern petite places for relaxed nights with the ones we cherish. Here is my guide to Paris, the essentials, the hideouts and the gowns that blew us all away.

Dunkerque (1 Avenue Trudaine)

 Terrass Hotel Paris (12-14 Rue Joseph de Maistre): Located in the Monmartre area it provides you with both, beautiful rooms kept very modern, but with a classical touch and a mesmerizing view from its rooftop bar located on the seventh floor. Also, when lucky enough and Paris is not that polluted or foggy during the day you can just lean back and enjoy a sneak peek of the Eiffel tower while sipping on your cocktail/mocktail.

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