Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Italian Life

A month....not a long period of time, but yet it seems this city knows how to capture your heart and provoke your interest and inspiration to bloom. While writing and sipping my signature drink of choice, I have also managed to master the dark arts of investing time into quality learning, even tho the chaotic and creative Week of Fashion caused an overflow of sexy, well-dressed, put together, design enthusiastic individuals in the city center (oh boy, as you can imagine YOU HAVE TO LOOK AT THEM and admire the clothes and bold choices).

It must be a challenge, mustn't it? The separation from family and friends is hard? You must be struggling dear?

- Actually never felt better, dear.

Apparently the three most popular questions asked I can not seem to answer any different than this. And , yes maybe it can be hard, but having the support always in your heart, being aware of your goals, dreams and aspirations is worth the risk and new found independence can only help, instead of slowing you down.

So, what has changed (except from my surrounding and eating habits #pastaallaround): The mindset. Apparently all Italians are relaxed compared to Serbians... and I mean really, really relaxed. Their main mantra obviously being: I don't give a sh*t . (dear Serbs, please start using this mantra immediately. WARNING: May cause positive effects on mood and sleep)

What have I learned so far?

I  Dress the way you feel comfortable, but keep your uniqueness in the process.
Wider pants, high-waisted jeans, plaid shirts and over-sized sweaters #ladolcevita seemingly doesn't always require the the tighter the better principle as well as the shorter the better principle (common for areas like my home country).

II Be busy. Italians are always doing something, yet still having time for everything...
Sometimes in order to show your full potential you have to leave the comfortable bubble of familiar and step into unfamiliar terrain.. Sign up for drawing courses, associations (which also looks good on your CV in the future) and spend time researching events and opportunities that involve things you like and are passionate about.
Secret incoming: Even when in a rush, order an espresso, a cornetto and enjoy it while casually standing and leaning on the bar.

III Be sporty! As many of you already know I am very passionate about running and was therefore sad when I couldn't run anymore for a certain period of time. Here, one can find plenty of motivation, and I have found my personal one too..
Everyone runs, and those who don't, welp, they prefer their bicycles obviously.
What motivates me: realizing that sometimes tho people pretend my opinion and interests don't have a value and as a result interrupt me, that exactly those interests and stories leave a mark on them, so why don't I try to top that and become a even better version of myself. (and yes, also confidence is benefiting from Italy)

So, how to end this random session of confessions, honest thoughts and inspirational attempts, I guess it is best done through pictures, enjoy your evening lovelies... And prepare, cuz this is just the beginning of a good story....



Photo sources (Photo 1 to 9): Pinterest. All rights remain with their respectful owners.
Last 5 Photos: All rights reserved @aleks.tomasevic


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