Monday, June 20, 2016

Song Of The Day

ZHU - Generationwhy 

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Oh Roberto, Roberto

Shoes...every girls dream and nightmare in the same time.  Leather, latex, wooden heels, everything is possible nowadays (even seen people in Louis XVI heels). The only thing that matters to me, they gotta be Made In Italy. Don't we all love la dolce vita, the Italian swag and style, fresh smell of polished leather shoes, ahhh, starting to tear up right now XD.

 That is why I was especially excited when discovering a new, fresh face in the designer scene. Roberto Fest, may I add, a Milano company, not only makes shoes, but they are comfortable too. Modern, futuristic and golden (#punintended).

This pair carried me through the whole night of my prom (a #prom post coming up soon) and made me shine on one of the biggest nights and milestones in the process called growing up (and boy it's a long one)

All the other fabulous shoes can be found on or the company's instagram page @robertofestamilano (p.s. there is even a see-through heel available).

 P.S. For us Serbian girls, you can easily buy them in Kralja Petra street in the boutique Graffiti, they both have the main shoe line as well as the the other two ones of Roberto Festa.

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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Housing Around...

                   Made with Canva
We are all full of ideas, creative and all sorts of innovative, yet we never know how to style our personal four walls...
Is it that hard? It seems as if we are afraid of colors, personal elements and especially prints (bohoooo). Freaked out by the idea that we need a lot of money in order to make it chic, cozy and extra home sweet home.
Lies people, all lies, with the right tricks and measures you can achieve the perfect put together look for your house, condo or rental. Where do I find those tricks you may ask, welp, scroll down and find out...


                          via Pinterest

               via Pinterest

With the right wallpaper every room can go from zero to hero. Complement the colors and remember keep the furniture neutral and in the tones of the wallpaper ;)

My Tip: Put a wallpaper only on one of the walls and keep the others white, this way you will maximize it's effect and even enhance the size of the room

          via Pinterest

          via Pinterest
Dear people, don't be afraid to put plants in your homes, even in small spaces they will add even more oxygen and give the space a more natural vibe, which we all want.

My Tip: For my fellow small spaces/corner lovers I recommend making a flower corner (like in the pictures show below)

          via Pinterest

    Made with Canva, Pictures via Pinterest

In order to open up the space and gain the sense that it is even bigger, strategically place mirrors throughout the space. Small, big or mosaic ones, which ever kind suits your style. It will both look stylish and luxurious.

My Tip: Additionally, place mirror details, trays  or sculptures 

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                            via Pinterest

Empty walls... my worst nightmare and enemy.
Aren't they ugly, starring at you. Instead of I've got a blank space baby, and I'll write your name, just fill it in with wall art. Small, medium and large pictures look best when combines into a huge unit. Try mixing and matching them in order to achieve the perfect style.

My Tip: You on't always have to invest in expensive art pieces, instead use your books or record collection to add a personal touch.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Parisian From Head To Toe...

You finally finish your graduation work, deliver it @ school, come back home and figure out you really don't have anything smart to do. Twelve years of school are over, four more to come #luckyme (just kidding can't wait for those college days to arrive ;))

How to enjoy your new found freedom? We always hear the same story: I'm bored, have nothing to do and so many good people end up in front of the TV, watching the Kardashians, instead of doing something actually useful. #NOTCOOL

We might not want to admit it, but we are all guilty of hanging to much on our phones, instead of going old-fashioned (which is still IN btw) with a good book. Style, wild personalities, playful characters and a lot of emotions, ladies and gentlemen: HOW TO BE PARISIAN, my book for you... (or as some would say Meet Aleksandra, cuz it is rather similar to my lifestyle XD)

Serious questions incoming: How does one become Parisian and is it even possible? The book shows only one thing clearly, it is important to be yourself in every aspect of life. No clear path to determine, nor guidelines, follow your heart and stay true to your personality, that is the way of a Parisian gal.

Be rebellious, enjoy everything, never answer the phone immediately. Be late with style, you're a busy lady ;). Believe to achieve and dream big, laugh at stupid jokes and remember every obstacle is an opportunity. Let your charm guide you, as well as your staple piece of clothing (which for me would be a Valentino bag). A book offering us a lot: laughter, reality, clarity and that crazy is also a way of sanity. For sure worth my time and should be yours.


P.S. Serbian version down below

Predas maturski, vratis se kuci i shvatis da nemas sta da radis. Dame i gospodo doslo je i to doba. Dvanaest godina skolovanja proslo i jos cetiri me cekaju XD (salim se, jedva cekam te studentske dane).

Kako uzivati u novostecenoj slobodi? Cesto cujemo staru pricu: dosada je tu, nemamo inspiracije, i tako zagine vecina dobrih ljudi ispred TV-a i gleda Kardashian-e #notcool 

Svi cesto zaboravimo da spustimo malo telefone i u old school (koji je idalje moderan) maniru uzmem knjigu u ruku. Stil, divlja licnost, razigrani karakter i emocije. Dap, zvuci malo kao ja, kad uz to dodamo i malu rutinu sminkanja, eve vam Aleksandre. How To Be Parisian, odnosno-dnevna doza Srbende: Kako biti parizanka, moja knjiga za vas.

Slede konkretna pitanja: Da li je tesko biti Parizanka i kako uopste biti Parizanka? Dok citas ovu knjigu mozes doci samo do jednog zakljucka: moras biti svoja. Zacrtanog puta nema, osobitosti se slave i velicaju, sminka je tu, ali da li ona treba biti u fokusu? #NE

Budi buntovnik, uzivaj, ne javljaj se odmah na telefon. Kad zakasnis, zakasni sa stilom, ipak si zauzeta 24/7 ;D

Pravi planove, smej se glupavim salama i zivi punim plucima. Neka ti sarm bude omiljeno oruzje, ofc u kombinaciji sa komadom odece koji te cini srecnom. Knjiga za uzivanje, smeh i po koji dobri savet, zato dame moje, bacite pogled.

S ljubavlju,

Za sva dodatna pitanja i misterije, obratite se na moju glavnu i novu Mejl adresu

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Thursday, June 2, 2016


When the big 18th comes around we all know what happens. Celebration all day, all night. For me, it was important to spend it with my family and closest friends. The quantity of people wasn't important, what counted was that the ones closest to my heart were there. In this I for sure succeeded.

 Balloons all around, photo booths, cake *_* and Aperol spritz my favorite, my wishes came true. Here ya have it y'all, so enjoy the little sneak peek into my daily madness called life. A special thank you to the best venue in the whole wide world, Zona Industriale, you already know you are my favorite cafe, but with this one, you topped it all!

P.S. By night it's great for partying, by day it offers you the best cappuccinos ^^, so dear tourists be sure to check it out (Njegoseva 49), for the Serbian version scroll down a little bit ;)

Kada dodje taj osamnaesti konacno, ofc mora da se proslavi. Kod nekih manje, kod nekih vise, ali je a sve nas to nesto posebno. Proslaviti sa osobama koje volim, najblizim prijateljima i porodicom je najbitnije (i drago mi sto sam svoju bandu uspela da okupim).
Baloni, automat za slikanje, torta *_* i Aperol spirtz, zavirite iz kulisa: Istine o Aleksandri Tomasevic (insert dramatic music)

Iako mnogi vole klubove (volim ih i ja, ali za izlaske vikendom). Mesto koje me cini srecnom, najbolji kapucino u gradu i najzabavniji ljudi, gde li je to?

 Ovo vilinsko carstvo zove se Zona Industriale (Njegoseva 49). Pravo u centru predstavlja idealnu priliku za kafe pauzu, za sve vase goste iz inostranstva i vas licno. Mozda se i sretnemo, ko bi ga znao (nije kao da sam stalno tamo #liesItell);)

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